I finally lived the life I deserved at the Celine Dion concert

Celine Dion and I go wayyy back. She was basically my second mother growing up. When my parents were too busy at the bar, Celine sang me to sleep. My mom had all her CD's and played them on repeat, so naturally I became obsessed with my Canadian goddess. Her voice is like no other... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the shitty spinoffs

I am just downright confused at what the hell J. K. Rowling and Warner Brothers was thinking after the last Harry Potter film premiered. Y'all should of taken a year off, relaxed, had a Titos butter beer and gathered your thoughts and ideas on where this franchise can go next. Instead y'all rushed into it... Continue Reading →

No Box November

A lot of dudes and feminists are doing no shave and/or no nut November but not me, I'm an original ass bitch. Plus if I don't shave I look like a sex offender. So I'm doing something a little but more catholic, and more impactful: no box November. For the whole month of November I... Continue Reading →

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