The key to my heart is a HoneyBaked Ham

  Besides watching TT workout, the only thing that makes me moist is a bombass HoneyBaked Ham. God truly blessed the earth when he created ham but then decided to be even sassier by adding honey and brown sugar to it. I was first acquainted with Gods meat as a young lad. My mum took... Continue Reading →

Advertisements, Queen of Corporate Welfare

Something this big should go in a smaller-middle America city. This could of revitalized the parts of America still suffering by the recession. But instead we made New York City even richer and allowed  Amazon to open a congressional glory hole

Bitch you know me, say hi

I'm all about having a bomb ass attitude to all.  If I know you, my ass gonna scream "heyyyyy girl hey". Even if I haven't seen you in years, I'mma still make you feel REAL special. So when I don't get the same in return, but instead a nasty ass cold shoulder. Imma forever remember... Continue Reading →

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