Okay this season of RHONJ has EVERYTHING, from cakes being thrown to accusations of being Anti-Semitic. The fact that Hitler was even mentioned on a show on Bravo legit blows my mind but lowkey makes me giggle. I love everyone this season but annoying ass Siggy aka Soggy. Seriously if you collected her tears she could deff end the California water crisis. Why did you go from a strong, boss ass bitch, to the victim this season? I feel as if you we’re trying TOO hard to have a story line this season and if went over board. I understand the season 2 hump, where you need to have a boss second season in-order to not get kicked off like Danielle but seriously get over it hoe. This season with Danielle’s return honestly felt like I got my own make a wish. Danielle is the definition of reality TV royalty.  She was treated like shit for two seasons, was off the air for almost 5 years and still made a boss bitch comeback. Let’s be honest, we all laughed when Tre called her a prostitution whore, but I never expected to be crying years later when her daughters confronted Tre on the emotion damage it caused! To grow up in the spot light with you’re mother being slut shamed on TV legit sounds like hell and I thought being called a fag was annoying lmao. Siggy I believe ruined herself this season by trying too hard. Girl have a Xanax or something. Stop being too much my god you legit made me never want to go to Boca. I think her issue with Margaret who I ADORE, is that she’s too much fun. Siggy viewed her as her biggest competition for next season because besides Dolores, Tre and Melissa are Housewives royalty. This is why Siggy announced she is quitting the show because her ass wasn’t going to be invited back! Danielle better get her position or Andy gonna get hate mail from my dog and I. Dolores was just THERE this season but hey with an ex like hers she can stay on. Tre and Melissa legit are EVERYTHING. To see these girls go from legit hatred to famILY makes me feel like I WAS THERE like I was a part of it. I just love how they’re both so fucking stupid and petty but funny AF. Family is what makes RHONJ better than all of the other series. Most of the other girls are friends of friends or some random made up producers bullshit. This is actual family and long time friend drama that I LIVE FOR. Lastly, Siggy NEEDS to be banned from Twitter asap. This is what led to her downfall. Instead of waiting for the reunion, she felt the need to live tweet every show and tweet back at her haters. Homegirl looked CRAZY! Accusing every hater of being bots paid by Classic Marge is a little much girly. I hope Siggy will take this time off to work on her mental health, seriously i’m begging you. TIL NEXT SEASON ❤ And in case anyone was questioning my RHONJ friendship….Yes, Danielle DOES follow, like and respond back to messages, family? Yeah I guess you can say that! IMG_1B52305CD457-1


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