We didn’t deserve Brittany Murphy


Brittany Murphy was such a betty, as Cher from “Clueless” would say. She was the queen of Rom Coms, who always, in the end, found her dream mans, in an adorably dumb blonde way. She stole the spotlight in every movie she was in from “Clueless” to “8 Mile”. But after she finally started getting leading roles, Hollywood dropped her quicker than a roofie. Why didn’t Hollywood throw more roles at her? Why wasn’t she given a recording contract? Girl had pipes! Was it because she wouldn’t suck Harvey Wienstein’s dick? I am genuinely baffled by this! What the fuck did she do to make her get blacklisted? After, “Happy Feet” she got  only garbage roles and then she died….like bloody hell. This wasn’t your typical Hollywood druggy OD death, but instead from the fucking flu….in Los Angeles. I live in brick cold Central New York and I’ve never had the damn flu! Her death was shadier than a Kardashian marriage. To make things even stranger, her mans died from the same fucking thing 6 months later…. Okay like wtf is going on in that fucking house? Mold? Did someone poison them for that life insurance check? Are the Clintons involved?

Ew like wtf is this creature…….girl did you need glasses or something?

From the start, I pinned it on her type creep husband but after he died I was like okay maybe I’m NOT Nancy Drew 😦  Whats even more cray cray is how legit after a few months, Hollywood stop talking about it…..Where is the Netflix documentary investigating her bizarre death? Wheres the cable TV movie marathon’s on her? Not even Investigate Discovery is exploiting her death, like did she become a no no word? Her and her mans died from the fucking flu and people are acting like its a typical Tuesday. Where the fuck are the girls from “Making a Murder”? I die inside because Brittany’s prob in heaven wondering why people care more about who’s not pulling out, in what Kardashian and not about how she died. Why does Hollywood act as if this golden girl was nothing? Unlike Hollywood I DON’T have memory problems, I wont forget MY babygirl.


My all time favorite Brittany movie is deff, “Uptown Girls”. Ugh, that movie deadass gets me in my feels.When Ray had her first dance recital, her mom was, like most moms, at the club and only Brittany’s character cared, I legit felt that. The depth Brittany put into that character honestly moved me. Ray’s mom was a selfish cunt who only cared about her career. However, her mans was in full on coma mode so, money WAS the motive. Between us, she was a boss bitch for fucking Mollys wannabe rock star mans. Get that dick girl! Dakota Fanning was so fucking sassy in this movie. If she was my daughter I would love her cold dark humor with a tiny bit of Disney Channel in there. Rather have my daughter be cunty then annoying.

Her character Molly taught us all we need to eventually grow up. Acting young & living off our parents money can only last so long.In today’s age, we realize this on our 26th birthday, because thats when you get kicked off your family’s insurance. HOW RUDE! Molly needed to learn how to become independent and our girl Ray taught her that. Where the fuck is my Ray? The scene of them spinning the hell out of the teacup just showed the built up anger of this little girl! We have to stop bottling shit up before it makes you shoot up a place. Quit taking the Xanax’s and deal with your issues!

Seriously how adorable is she here!

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if its a dance recital or some pussy shit like skateboarding, TRY TO GO TO EVERYTHING.Support them with everything they do, unless your sons trying to wear makeup, then no end that shit ASAP. Its hella werid. Ray only wanted to be loved and get some attention but her mum was legit a twat. Its like hard cause being poor sucks but also neglecting your kids is a great way to raise a future serial killer so…. the choice is yours! Also fuck the dude at the end of “Uptown Girls”, you only cared about Molly after you realized your songs are shit without her.  Now everyone go listen to Molly’s Smile.


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