And you get an Oscar for covering up rape

I am SO over all these awards shows. Seriously they mean nothing. It’s a group of Hollywood dick suckers voting for people they wanna kiss ass too. Every week we have to entertain this bull shit. Well I’m over it, y’all don’t deserve this shit after covering up all sexual harassment. You all act like everything is sooooo peachy keen but its not. Actresses careers were destroyed because they DARED to speak out. So cold, so cruel. How can you award yourself, when for years you covered up Harvey Weinstein’s sins. Or acted as if Bryan Singer wasn’t a creep. Or that Kevin Spacey was a straight man that wasn’t the king of the grope. And now we have these same people acting all innocent saying they didn’t know. BULLSHIT, y’all knew what the fuck was going on. Don’t play me, I am NOT a playstation.

I want everyone who knew from the studio heads to the reporters who suppressed the stories to be exposed for who they really are. They all knew and didn’t care because all they care about is profits. Greedy ass bitches who would leave their own daughter with Harvey for a weekend, just to make a quick buck. I even knew about a majority of these creeps because Gawker exposed a majority of them years ago. Maybe thats the reason they were forced into bankruptcy, they knew too much.The coverup is slowly being exposed and it’s just the beginning. TIME’S UP BITCHES. There are too many creeps in Hollywood and mark my words, sexual harassment is just the start(watch for Dan Schneider in the coming months). The acts of sexual harassment and assault are bad, but the cover up is even worse. You all let these people down and for that I hope you rot in hell.
Xoxo Sir Dutches

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