Who the hell is gonna learn using a Dell?

When people have the audacity to say there is no longer segregation, I say walk your ass to a city school and tell me you don’t wanna gag. All you see is shit ass dell computers and dirty ass walls. Classrooms with 30 students out of control and one teacher dying for a Newport. If you go to a school in the Suburbs, they’re like mini colleges with MacBooks and smart boards. Students wearing polos, smoking douchey e-cigs in the bathroom. Nice clean walls with pictures of ugly ass kids smiling with awards. Mad random extracurricular activities to keep kids out of trouble. These city schools aren’t in Syria, so why are they so shitty?

Property Taxes thats why. School districts budgets are based off the local community taxes. So if you have a community like Baldwinsville where the community is middle class and pay their taxes, the end result is a good school with a great education. Now switch to a city of Syracuse school and you see abandoned houses everywhere. I highly doubt crackhouses pay taxes. Syracuse lowkey on a come up so lets hope this changes!

In the meantime, how can we expect a school to do well if no one in the community pays taxes? It’s seriously a cruel and fucked up policy. All schools should receive the same amount of money from local, state and federal taxes. How can we say all schools are equal when low income schools are using white boards over Smart Boards, like sooo first world probs. On a serious note, having access to newer technology can play a role in student engagement in the classroom AND give them access too more information. So the kids in the city schools are being cheated out of equal educational opportunities.

When I was at Liverpool Central School District, in 2nd grade we seriously all got macbook computers. No joke every classroom had a cart of their own MacBooks. Don’t get me wrong I loved playing computer games at such a young age, but how is that fair to kids in the city schools? No wonder they’re always fighting. This is like honestly technology racism or some shit. We stereotype city students based on their low graduation rates and test scores but it’s because of our wack ass government who lowkey is racist but are like nah I’m not my grand daddy was but I’m deff not, my mail mans black.

Syracuse has a program called Say Yes to Education. In 2015, I was a teacher for their summer school program. I worked with the 2nd graders and to keep it real the school was a dump. The place smelt like straight shit, the food was beyond nasty, I honestly think the prison had better. Everything was pre-cooked in prepared bags made God knows where. Some days I was no joke confused at what the fuck they were eating. The library was a joke and the school was just beyond run down with graffiti in the bathroom, mind you this was a elementary school! But what do you expect when the district is getting no money! Sadly, the program ended 2 years ago due to lack of funding. I believe ending this program is what cause the rise in crime at Destiny USA, but that’s an post for another day!

This was legit the graffiti on the bathroom wall in the 2nd grade wing lmao…..

Part of the issue in these schools is the teacher to student ratios and the school can’t afford to provide the proper supports. Let me know what teachers are going to want to work where they feel threatened and the chance of getting stabbed are higher then getting groped in Hollywood. These teachers have no access to additional support because the school can’t afford it. Besides for the handful of AMAZING teachers who deserve the world, many of the best teachers will end up back in the better district where they know they are going to get paid better and provided the materials they need. And that’s the never ending cycle but HEY lets worry if Kylie Jenner’s thot ass is pregnant(eye roll)!

Xoxo Sir Dutches ❤

Some of my favorite students! They called me Mr. Mayonnaise…I think it was low-key racist but whatever. I blurred their faces so I don’t get sued!

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  1. I’m confused.
    According to rankings of spend per pupil (2014-15) the following districts spent:
    JD: $17,757 per student
    FM: $18,393 per student
    Liverpool: $19,285 per student
    Syracuse: $18,797 per student

    In Onondaga county the highest spend was $22,822 (Fabius-Pompey) and the lowest was $16,223 (West Genesee)

    Seems like dollars spent per student isn’t the obvious cause of the problem with Syracuse schools.


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