Does God have dandruff?

Does god have dandruff? Because I’m seriously confused on how one day it can be type sunshine out and the next, it’s a fucking blizzard. Daddy almost died going down the parkway today because it was whiter than a Klan Rally out. Like it would be Gucci if this shit was constant but instead it’s random, like does Mother Nature has trust issues? Girl can’t ever let us enjoy the damn sun, always throwing shade. Send this shit elsewhere, ain’t nobody got time for it! You’re making us even later to work then we normally are! Starbucks makes me 15 mins late but this shit makes me like an hour. It’s honestly rude to my job and SOMEONE should be paying me for the hour I missed. It’s not my fault Mother Nature wants to play games. Maybe she and God are on a break and she doing shit this for attention. WHILE it’s not cute, he doesn’t want you girl MOVE ON. Go fuck the devil or some shit (eyeroll).

Xoxo ur future bby daddy ❤

Damn I look good, even Jesus be checking me out!

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