Destiny USA: Home of the Cockroach

Can we just take a hot min to reflect on how nasty Destiny USA is. For the 6th largest mall in America, it’s honestly a pile of shit. I swear every food place has failed an inspection because they’re dirtier than a Salina Street hooker. And just because it’s winter, Destiny best not think I forgot about all the cockroaches in the back. Cause I didn’t, I have AMAZING memory. Look at all the nasty write ups on a majority of them mention cockroaches, obvs I have receipts, look below. Wtf is this New York City? Legit the back halls of the food court was infected with them. Do the cockroaches pay rent? Like come on, take pride in your building!

Since, my old favorite place to nibble, Chicken Now, had a BEYOND disgusting review, and YEAH it mentioned cockroaches, I just can’t stomach eating at the mall anymore. It’s like stop being petty, shut down that food court and spray the hell out of it!  The money the mall spent on that idiotic hotel could of been used to hire exterminators. And just because it’s been quiet on the fail inspection front doesn’t mean this summer it won’t start up again! I’m warning y’all so when you start hearing shit this summer you’re gonna be like omg was right, he’s basically That’s So Raven.

Can we also laugh at how pathetic mall security is? They couldn’t even break up a fight on Little Woman LA. Since Destiny decided to be cheap and hire outside security, legit the crime is worse than Fulton. These new security guards legit could fit into my skinny ass jeans, yeah that’s skinny shaming but I’m allowed too! They also should AT LEAST use their mall discount at GNC,  BULK up boys! During the summer crime at the mall is the type extra during the day because for some reason it turns into a daycare center. It’s like does a bus drop all these kids off? Wheres’s ya mama?

In the winter, on Friday and Saturday nights you best wear your rings cause you’re probably going to have to square up. It’s legit all these wanna be south side thugs but really their mommy and daddy’s work at Lockheed Martin and drive a Subaru. There’s also maddd skater boys fighting over thots who wear converses and have maddd daddy issues. Till Destiny evicts the cockroaches and hire security guards that look like the Rock, my ass will be shopping online and eating downtown. Because I’m hella cute so one day someone gonna snatch me at the mall and I’m just way too busy right now to deal with that right now. Chilling in the parking lot at the mall at night is an AMAZING way to get kidnapped because Destiny is that ghetto now

Xoxo ur baby’s daddy


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