One of my girlies are being stalked and NO it’s not me!

One of my girlies are being stalked, AND NO ITS NOT ME! This isn’t another “Ghosting” article or fake news, this is as real as Kylie Jenner’s baby. As we all know, I was in NYC this past week, basically saving my sisters dog from rats and boy did I come back to some juicy drama/potential future murder. In order to set up MY alibi because some people(cayla) be slandering my name saying I would do something this psychotic. Like I’m sorry but no I arrived at 8:30pm on Wednesday night, checked in with my girlie then I went home. Check my iPhone X because it tracks everywhere I go, I ALWAYS HAVE RECEIPTS.

Also if I took a 6 hour bus ride and the first thing I do is go to my friends house and leave a crazy ass note, someone PLEASE check my mental health. Only someone legit nuts would do something like that. MY ass was tired af I was in bed when someone left that note, again CHECK MY iPhone. It tracks my sleeping too, I DON’T play! So my girl and her mans left the bar at 10pm and arrived home around 10:45pm, they were watching the Syracuse game. When her mans went to work the next morning he found a note left in a plastic bag on his windshield. Okay the fact that it was left in a plastic bag legit tells me who ever did this could be a legit psychopath. They legit thought this out so much to the point that they didn’t want the letter to be ruined… like we get it you need help. My God please tell me New York’s gun laws will prevent this creep from getting a gun.

Reading that gives me chills

The note which, I included above was written in cursive and part of me feels like its a 40 year old man due to the fact that no one under the age of 30 learns nor writes in cursive anymore. The paper is creepy too because why would any of our friends have pad paper like that, they barely can afford paper towels. The phase “Slit your tires” is a legit red flag. Who the hell talks like that. I am honestly afraid this could be some psycho my girl met at the bar down the road where we always get chicken wings and he followed us home. Stalker much? Also if you think it’s her Ex he legit lives in Texas so there goes that theory.

The person says my girls man drives a Toyota Camry but he does not. Like not to talk down to my girlies but I highly doubt they are smart enough to pull something like this off. Either the person doesn’t really know my girl or the person is acting dumb on purpose. My girlies can act dumb, just not on purpose. Now me, yes I would be smart enough to pull something like this off but I wouldn’t leave a lazy ass letter. I would leave a trail of blood next to his car and a simple note saying, “She’s mine”.However, the fact that my girlie is legit scared out of her mind would make me obvs immediately tell her it was me. I’m cold hearted, but I’m not cruel. Last night I was over there and even I was lowkey scared, what if he’s watching us from a distance, smoking a cig while wearing a dark trench coat. Waiting for my girlie to be alone. Thanks to Find my iPhone she’s NEVER alone! and if you’re thinking you’ll take her phone, boy try it because she’ll hide it in place you’ll never think of.

If this is someone playing a sick joke you better come forward now because Daddy’s on the case and he WILL find the culprit! I ALREADY have my theories. Monday will be HOPEFULLY be the launch of my new podcast, and I will be interviewing my girlie on this issue and hopefully with some new developments. If its one of our friends playing a joke or some sick stalker who in the end kills her, ONLY way you’ll find out is on or the obituaries………

Xoxo Gone Girl?


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