No one puts Daddy in a political box!

The one question everyone asks me, besides if I‘m a homo, is what political party I identify with. America has this legit bizarre belief that everyone should choose basically one of two political party to “associate” ourselves with. No longer is it acceptable to say you’re independent, because NOW that means you must support Trump. Stop harassing people just because they don’t agree with your political bullshit. I understand people believe things don’t get done unless we form large political groups, HOWEVER the soon you realize democracy isn’t real and money controls the world, the easier this gets!

I started off as a hardcore liberal who would trash Trump supporters online because I viewed them as mentally ill. The things I would say online were legit nasty, but because they were “republicans” I viewed it as okay. In the liberal world you view all republicans as these rich racist evil pricks. Personally when I used to think of a Republican, I would think of the slimey Koch brothers who legit are scum. But after working for two republicans I slowly realized, SOME of these people aren’t nasty old racist homophobic pricks who want to control your vagina, only like 90% do. Instead they’re just religious people who believe they shouldn’t pay for your mistakes (their words NOT mine). Besides, the ones who are homophobic low key suck dick anyways. Don’t tell their wives?

The two republicans I worked for had many different beliefs that I disagreed with, but they still listened to my opinion instead of immediately shutting me down. When I worked in Pennsylvania for the Hillary campaign, I was confused on these new “gender pronouns”, instead of helping me understand this anarchy I was immediately shut down for being ignorant. Girl/Boy/Whatever You wanna be called BYE! I love learning new things, don’t be rude, Educate my ass! If we don’t allow people with other opinions to voice their thoughts, how the hell are we going to know what they are thinking? People want to shut down “Alt-Right” websites for offensive views but all that does is isolate them and that makes their beliefs become violent. Twitter is doing this now by censoring accounts that are conservative and thats beyond idiotic. Why are you hiding these people, its making people want to discover what these people are saying. Its’ like when Barbra Streisand wanted google to take down pictures of her new beachfront vacation home. All it did was make people want to google her vacation home just to see why she wanted to it to be a secret. They now call that, “The Streisand Effect”. Thats going to be someone’s trivia question one day, you’re welcome.

When I moved below the Mason Dixon line to North Carolina for a hot min I met mad people that were voting Trump. They lost their factory jobs and their definition of Wifi was their cell phones data plan. The fact that not everyone has wifi in America blows my mind, thats a serious issue, not idiots eating Tide Pods for attention, let them die I say! These people wanted changed and believe Trump was the answer. It doesn’t mean all these people are idiots, they’re actually pretty smart, ask them anything Nascar or Walmart related, I’m sure they would know the answer! People need to travel America and see how everyone else lives. There were parts of North Carolina that didn’t even show up on my GPS and people lived there! Could you imagine explaining to a high schooler how to get to your house without using Google Maps. These people are so isolated they’re not used to seeing a sassy dude blasting Celine Dion music, I would be alarmed too!

Personally I’m independent because the liberal’s are going crazy with safe spaces and gender pronouns. It’s like chill and focus on the real issues. All this politically correct BS is making my generation laugh at you. I can’t call myself a republican either because guns don’t get me hard. The right LOVES their guns a little too much. Their massive trucks and AK-47 are like walking billboards for their tiny dicks. Why can’t I just be apart of the Daddy Party, where everyone is equal besides child molesters, rapists and murderers, fuck those guys, they can croak. In the Daddy Party, we work hard, pull our own weight and when 5 o’clock hits its blunts & Long Island Ice Tea time.

Xoxo politically annoyed

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