Quit playing games with my girlies heart!

Imma start billing you FUCK boys who keep breaking my girlies hearts. Do you understand how much time & energy it takes to mend a broken heart? It takes about 3 bottles of Tito’s, 2 heavily photoshopped Instagram “Forever Single” pics and 1 bottle of Xanax. Im sending YOU da bill.

Y’all wanna act up for a quick blowie and I’m honestly sick of it. Busting a load isn’t worth the headache she about to cause you. Don’t be all up in my girlies DM’s, saying their your queen and your mama gonna love them. Then have some SKANK message her saying your mans was my mans last night. GIRL BYE. You think u cute doing that shit sista? Who hurt you? Who made you so cold hearted that you’re forever the side hoe? Ain’t nobody gonna wife up your hoeing ass, so get used to living with 30 cats. Meow meow BITCH. Ain’t no room in heaven for a thot, can I get an AMEN?

ALSO, girl you think you won? Yeah you won, a lifetime supply of hep C. You CAN HAVE HIM! We good! Lose our number till tax season baby, cuz we writing your ass off as a deduction. We love when boyss show their true colors because it allows us to get rid of the dead weight. Thank you baby Jesus!

You boys are like dogs, chasing & sniffing the first piece of ass you see. You think you played us? Lmao you can’t play a playa if the playa knows your social security number. We ALREADY got 2 credit cards in your name. Thanks for the new Gucci loafers.

Xoxo eat a barbies ass or sumthing

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