Don’t go chasing waterfalls, they might have Blue Green Algae

Does Onondaga County thinks we’re type dumb? They were hush hush about our DIRTY ASS drinking water last summer and now that its winter & the blue green algae is like hibernating they think we forgot, WE’LL NOT ME SISTA. As a lover of water, I drink that shit like Trump eats McDonalds. I REFUSE however, to buy bottled water. They wanna make ME pay for something that my main boy, God gave to me for free! HELL NO!

Also does anyone else remember giving these companies the rights to bottle up OUR WATER? I don’t, and I have AMAZING memory! These companies don’t own America, so give me my water back whores. Knowing our shady ass government, they probably gave it to the water companies for a pack of Marbolo reds. Besides as long as places like Flint, Michigan have legit TOXIC lead filled water, companies should NOT be allowed to bottle water, how cruel.

From CNY Central, thats legit our drinking water…. HOW NASTY

Little back ground history on Onondaga County drinking water. Due to the fact that everyone and their mothers dumped chemicals into Onondaga Lake, we have to get our drinking water from Skaneateles Lake. We have done this for over 125 years, and for all those years it’s been unfiltered, sketchy much? Ya’ll really cant just hook up a big ass Brita filter?

When asked about a filtration system our old Mayor, Stephanie Miner told radio station WRVO that “we are not going to risk public health to save money, but by the same token we are not going to spend money on a problem that does not exist yet. We are watching it.” GIRL IT DOES EXIST! Do they think we’re dumb? This is our health you’re messing with. New York doesn’t want to spend public money on CLEAN water, but they DO want to spend MILLIONS on a 690 ramp to be used 14 days out of the year. You can’t make this shit up. THANKS CUOMO the HOMO!

We first heard last spring there was blue green algae in the lake but THEY said everything was Gucci because it was soooo far below the pipes. Umm yeah cuz shit dont float….OKAY! Did they never watch IT? “Down here everything floats Georgie, EVERYTHING FLOATS”. The Algae they found on the beach shore was nine times higher than what the state Department of Environmental Conservation considers “high toxins.” LIKE WTF will we become the Hulk or a cancer patient for drinking water our tap water?

Next, they said they found an algae bloom five days later at both intake pipe levels, at 25 and 45 feet below the lake’ surface. Like wtf they should of shut the water intake pipes down!  What pisses me off the most is the quote from the State’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Health, Brad Hutton said “We found algae toxins at both of those depths, which I think was a bit of a surprise”. Winning the lottery is a surprise, meeting Meryl Streep is a surprise. This is just stupidity!

What makes all of this even more AMAZING is the fact that Skaneateles Schools shut down drinking water fountains because the water comes from Skaneateles Lake. School Superintendent Ken Slentz said he has done this “until water-quality test results are available. ITs nice to see SOMEONE cares about our children’s safety. Well what about MINE! or the Syracuse City school district students health? Do they not matter?

On October 5th, 2017 reported that algae was STILL infiltrating our water intake pipes. But we can sleep sound because Onondaga County department of Health said it was still GUCCI to drink because its a very small amount and was slowly going away, BOY BYE. Are you kidding me? That still was still happening up till November but now that its cold, its been dropped from the media like the Mandalay Bay shooting. The icy water has allowed the Blue Green Algae to play hide and seek till it gets warm again. Only drink tap water with a Brita filter, unless you wanna grow three boobs. Seeing that the government doesn’t care about our health, I guess only I do! will be keeping an eye on this bullshit.

Xoxo is clean water too much to ask for?


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