Snitches get Stitches, unless you work for Geek Squad

Just when we thought these shitty companies couldn’t get ANY worse, they do. People believe tech companies are here to protect us from the evil doings of Big Brother, but instead they’re basically sleeping with them. I sleep good at night knowing Apple protects me from the FBI being all noisy. I have nothing to hide, but its creepy the government wants to check out my nudes and hack my webcam, pervs!

Apple devices are expensive because unlike Google, they’re NOT in the business of selling our information for some quick cash. Google products are free or hella cheap because everything you’re doing on them is being sold to advertisers. Its cute you think we EVEN pay attention to ads, so spending the money to “cater” them to us is such a waste. Stop being vain thinking I care about your shitty products. Take Google Gmail, every email you send they scan/read and target ads towards you, its so creepy! Find a hobby! Leave my emails alone you losers, are they that bored at Google?
I could go on for DAYS talking about how shitty Google and Android are, but no, this post is about Best Buys shady ass.  I would NEVER buy a Geek Squad protection plan from Best Buy. They take forever to fix because they send it out to Kentucky and its so pricy. AppleCare is the only way to go. Thank God Apple cares about their customers so I can drop my stuff off to be fix at ANY Apple Store location, its amazing. If you take your laptop to Geek Squad to be fixed, GOOD LUCK! Not only will it take a hot minute, but also they’ll be SOO sweet to POSSIBLY allow the FBI to install Malware on your device. SO KIND! If you dont know, Malware allows someone to control and watch everything you do on your device.
When this story first came forward years ago, the FBI and Best Buy denied the whole story. LUCKILY, the Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF), a nonprofit that “defends digital privacy, free speech and innovation”, filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to learn more about the FBI and Geek Squads relationship. It’s sad we have to SUE to get the truth. This lawsuit revealed that for over 10 years the FBI basically had the keys to Geek Squad computer repair center. Whats even shadier is the FBI even got a tour of the facility before this “partnership” was reached. People get tours of a Hershey Factory, not a Geek Squad repair center, WTF!
Now thats this has been revealed, the FBI and Geek Squad are claiming this was only in cases of Child Pornography which I find to be 100% fine. Lock those sickos up and throw away the key! But do we really believe that they only did this when Geek Squad found child porn? I highly doubt that! Anytime you sent your laptop in they prob immediately searched it for ANYTHING they found shady. Our government is obsessed with watching and storing our data. They claim its to prevent terrorism but what terrorist brings their laptop to Geek Squad to get repaired?
When a Geek Squad employee would contact the FBI on anything “shady” they found, the FBI paid them $500 dollars! Damn these geeks are getting paid to be snitches. Again if they found Child Porn I think they should turn that in to the FBI. Snitch away bitches. Those people need to have their dicks chopped off. But I just find it hard to believe they were only alerting the FBI about Child Porn. When people are in a place of power, it tends to get to their head. If I was being paid $500 to snitch I would be looking for ANYTHING to get that cash, I have expensive tastes. No wonder it takes so long for them to repair a laptop, they’re spending 90% of the time going through your shit.
Also, whats to prevent them from alerting the FBI about pirated Movies or Music. We all know Hollywood ruins anything good like Limewire, PopcornTime or give it a year,  bootleg movie service Kodi. Should people now be worried about bringing their laptop to Best Buy because last year they illegally downloaded music using Youtube to MP3. We all know how desperate Hollywood is for that $1.29 song download so I wouldn’t put it past them to sue.


Its not only Best Buy either, I bet other companies have close relationships like this too. These companies are in bed with the government in a bad way! If the FBI actually spent their time investigating REAL TIPS, in REAL TIME maybe the shooting in Florida could of been prevented. Multiple people placed complaints about that psycho and the FBI did NOTHING. My trust in our so called “Justice Department” is slowly fading. Question everything you see and TRUST NO ONE!

Xoxo the FBI is useless.

P.S. all the receipts are at -This isn’t fake news, your relationship is fake news ❤

Unless you’re a pedophile, then snitch away!

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