Say BYE FELICA to cable(without going to jail) with the Apple TV!

I’m sorry but if you don’t have an Apple TV what the HELL are you doing with your life? Apple TV is honestly a God send. It truly makes watching your shows and movies hella easily. No longer do you have that bullshit of switching between channels or apps to find something good. Apple combines all your apps into one place called “TV” which tracks all your shows to notify you when a new episode comes out. So blessed! Plus you can use Siri on your remote to find any show or movie! Siri’s like the mother you never had!

The TV app is the holy bible of steaming apps. It combines all you’re steaming apps, (besides neflix cuz they’re pricks), and allows you to see all their options together. You can also pick your favorite teams and get alerts when the game is on and what app. Lastly, movies galore baby and they only show you the ones you have access too for free. HOW AMAZING!

And if you think you’re beating the system by buying a Kodi or one of those ghetto knock off “free streaming channel” devices good luck lmao. You really think Hollywood and big media will allow those to continue? They ain’t dumb, but they are greedy. Look at LimeWire or the outcome of Kodi in Europe… both illegal and they’re went after people who had one.

Watching a bootleg copy of “13 Going on 30” isn’t worth time in jail or a fine. I asked Siri and it’s on Hulu! Also with the end of Net Neutrality, the internet companies can report or slow down your service if they find you watching illegal content, and yes they WILL find out. They’re basically stalkers. This is why their customer service is so ass, they are too busy being creeps.

My absolute favorite part of the Apple TV is that the remote not only controls your Apple TV but also your normal TV! I don’t understand how, it’s basically magic. Without even having to input any information it automatically controls your volume and allows you to turn your TV on and off! Even when I bring it to my friends house it automatically does it! HOW LIT! Can the nasty fire stick do that? I think NOT!

I’ve used them all, Fire Sticks, Chomecast and the Roku and they’re all ass! The Amazon Fire stick is the WORST piece of garbage ever created. They have a shitty interface that combines your free stuff with paid stuff. So when you finally find a movie you like…. you click on it and find out it’s $9.99 WHAT A TEASE! Apple would NEVER tease daddy like that. Also if people are on your family share plan they can watch all your iTunes movies! This is why people KILL to be on my family plan.

More people need to know about Apple TV! It’s like $130 right now but it’s so worth it! That’s like one month of cable. You can download apps and games so your kids will LOVE IT!

Omg before I forgot you can also stream wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad or MacBook! So if you have a screenshot proof that Becky called Amber trashy whore or wanna show off your nudes YOU CAN! Can the fire stick or roku or ghetto ass Kodi do that? I THINK NOT!

Xoxo cable can choke on a fire stick

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