You’re gonna need a Xanax after watching this new Netflix show

Okay Netflix has this new show called “Wild Wild County” and it’s beyond AMAZING. This show has EVERYTHING from a creepy cult, weird outfits, a creepy looking leader, salmonella poisoning and attempted MURDER. AND ITS ALL REAL. My ass was googling everything to make sure it was all fact. The first 15 minutes start slow and you’re going to be like daddy wtf is this shit. Why do I care about random Wild Wild West people? But by the time you meet my baby girl Ma Sheela you will be HOOKED!

Take a picture LOSERS. It lasts longer.

This show will leave you questioning who’s the hero and who’s the villain. This story is so bizarre, so crazy you’ll think it’s fiction. ITS NOT! Only your marriage is. I’m obsessed with cults and the fact that I just learned about this is beyond crazy. How is this not known? Wheres the Lifetime movies about it? I wanna play the Bhagwan! The group is called the Rajneeshees and their “Leader” is the Bhagwan. He honestly looks like a dirty wannabe wizard from Harry Potter so what they see in him is HIGHLY confusing. At LEAST worship someone sexy, like me! Have some respect for yourself. He’s ass DEFF smelled.

Bhagwan aka Wannabe Dirty Wizard from Harry Potter

His people do like a weird mediation thing that will DEFF pull a muscle. Its a mixture of a gang bang orgy and basically screaming loud, I’m being 100% deadass. No fake news here! They also would listen to Bhagwan ramble about bullshit like how more sex will equal a happier life. Well DUH but ain’t nobody fucking your crusty ass. This was until the Bhagwan became type vain and randomly stop speaking. EYEROLL. Trust me, we ain’t missing his chainsmoker type voice. This is when my NEW feminist hero Ma Anand Sheela starting “speaking” for him as his personal assistant. She did the business and the other guy did the praying. As always, behind every wannabe great man, is an even greater women.

Ma Anand Sheela my GURL! She a boss bitch, yeah she psycho but its like Spunky,

This girl is either a psychopath or a genius. I still cant decide after I’ve watched this show twice, yes I’am that obsessed. Like yeah, she poisoned and attempted to murder mad people, but one could say she was just defending her “flock”. When you watch the show you’ll know what I’am talking about, I ain’t no spoiler boy. This documentary series focuses on after Bhagwan and his crew of horny rich white kids were basically forced out of India and they decided to build a new community on a huge empty ranch in Oregon, United States. SO RANDOM! At least go someone warm.

Legit overnight they turned this never been touched land into a full community with houses, stores, farming land and a big ass worship center. Honestly it’s so impressive to see how fast they build this community. Things were all peachy keen until the town 19 miles away watched a movie about the Rajneeshees “mediation” sessions aka orgies and rightfully so, they started to freak. Mind you this was a town of 40 and heavily religious so they aren’t used to sex on the regular like we are, watch anything on FX after 9 and you’ll know what I mean.

The Rajneeshees Community

This show is only 6 episodes long but they’ll leave you craving a Xanax or a shot. It’s truly an emotional roller-coaster. It follows the whole Bhagwan crew from their rise and to their fall, depends on how you look at it.

This story is so jaw dropping with so many turns you’ll be left with more questions. Who was the villain in this? So many smart people followed this guy. From lawyers to doctors. This is why this group could of been so successful and at the start they were. Did these people really just want to help the world. This show will make you question how far you would go to protect the ones you love. Its like one episode I feel like Sheela is a psycho path, the next one I feel as if she’s a female Ghandi. I don’t know if I should hate her or admire her. She’s so fascinating! She’s basically the Indian Hillary Clinton. She just has something about her dedication I admire. They need to make a movie about her. I would DEFF watch.

She used the media and dirty language to sell her religion and at the time it was revolutionary. Bhagwan was nothing without her. How they got this much footage is beyond me. This will win awards and become a movie mark my words. The fact that this story has stayed hidden this long is mind blowing. One group that deff knows about this story is Scientology, because their ass be stealing mad of their techniques. Watch it or become creepy like the Bhagwan. Because I’am telling y’all this show is going to be HUGE!

Xoxo I call shottie on being Bhagwan for Halloween

P.s. Sheela and Bhagwan deff fucked

He LOVES when i’m silly

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