Facebook is like the Peeping Tom of the internet….always creeping and selling our info

I am SO over sketchy ass Facebook. The amount of scumbag things they do with our data is unreal. When they say NOTHING is free, this is a prime example. The trade off for having a “FREE” Facebook account is we “ALLOW” them to basically give our information to shady ass companies who then turn around and sell it to God knows who.  Its like why you so obsessed with me? This information isn’t the generic name, date of birth and hometown, other companies will sell to advertisers. This is legit our photos, videos, friend list, what we post, what we buy, who we talk too, about what, where we went to school and what our political affiliations are. Y’all think you know me from what I put on Facebook? Girl BYE, I’m independent AF.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, which if you haven’t I don’t blame you. You’ll hear everyone crying about this drama with the Trump Campaign hiring a company to mine our Facebook data to collect information about how someone would vote. If you watch “House of Cards” you would know this isn’t new news. Legit thats how Frank Underwood won. This company Cambridge Analytica, basically made up an survey app that allowed them to mine our liked pages along with other random shit. They then allegedly sold this to the Trump Campaign who then used that info to gain voter data. Honestly if its true they’re smart as shit, I don’t blame them I blame Facebook. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. They only used what Facebook allowed them too. THIS IS POLITICS. Everything is dirty, from all sides.

I think all this Trump Hype is a distraction from what Facebook is really doing. They are tricking us into playing these games, doing contests, changing our profile pictures to support whatever charity is mainstream that week. When we do that, we’re allowing who ever made that app to mine and collect all our data. They also get to sit there and watch everything we post. Like could you imagine the information they could gather with that. ITS SO CREEPY! This is why advertisements are catered to us so well. ITS BECAUSE THEY KNOW WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Whats to stop these companies from selling this stuff on the dark web to someones stalker. I am SO over these social media companies putting their profits over our safety. Lets be realistic, this isn’t only Facebook, THEY all do it! Snapchat saves all our snaps on a server, think about that! With so many people sexting on snapchat and a majority of them underage, they legit have the largest child porn collection. Its so scary to think what these companies have on us. One day, will someone leak these files like they do government documents?

Below I made a video of me deleting these apps and showing what information they collect. Apps like ABC.com where you can watch episodes, collected basic information. Like my name, Date of Birth and hometown. It was all the sketchy ass ones like “What child from Jon & Kate Plus 8 are you?” that collected the most. Like WTF I don’t even remember what child I was! Mostly likely the one she hates, wait thats all of them.

You’re prob like why don’t you just delete your Facebook, well A. the damage is done they already have a majority of my info. B. Facebook is how all my “Older” fans find out when I post a new article! Plus they own Instagram and I love that app. Now that Snapchat is dead to me, due to that bunk ass update, I’ve been using Instagram stories on the reg. Even creepier is they own WhatsApp, that texting app mad young people use. You’re telling me they aren’t selling that info too? I HIGHLY doubt that. Daddy trust NO one when they say its free. Either you have to suck some dick after or allow Jon & Kate to see your Cabo spring break 2K16 pics.

Xoxo can everyone in Silicon Valley hop off me dick?

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