The Greatest Showman ISN’T just another gay musical

As a former “Bully”(survival of the fittest y’all), even “The Greatest Showman” moved me! This isn’t just another corny gay musical, it’s a history flick with AMAZING music. I kid you not these songs will be stuck in your head for a hot min. I went to the park for a “light” walk and was jamming to this album. Legit an hour later I realized I’ve been walking almost 3 miles and still have to walk back….. talk about needing a cigarette (jk I dont smoke cigs im not Ghetto Baby Gurl). Each song I can imagine an Amazing music video too. With me Obvs as a sexed up ringleader with mad freaks and animals around me. It would be BEYOND sexy. To be honest the circus is coming to town and I wanted to hit them up about filming a video there, but then I remembered I don’t support that animal cruelty bullshit.

This movie stars Hugh Jackman who’s hella dope in this. When I first saw the trailer I rolled my eyes. It looked beyond corny, I thought “when will the Gays stop making musicals so corny”! Thank God they finally listened to me! The story is about P.T. Barnum creating a new type of show, which becomes the circus. PETA would have a bitch fit about this flick. Obvs there’s gonna be madddd jealously issues so he has to deal with that. Like the townsfolk being mad annoying and extra saying we hate freaks, well news flash dumb ass they hate you too.

It also stars, Zac Efron was more than just eye candy, his role reflects societies issues with people falling in love with someone other than their own race. Zendaya’s character was a boss ass bitch and handled the racism with mad class. ITS A SKIN COLOR Y’ALL CHILL! BTW Jesus was a light skinned brother so he doesn’t find racism cute.

This movie is for anyone who feels like a freak or “who they are” isn’t who society wants them to be. Like society wants me to be a straight, white male who loves Hillary Clinton and wants gender-neutral bathrooms everywhere. But sadly, only one of those statements are true, and its the white part, unless you consider my past life, where I was a beautiful black woman with a voice of an angel. Like if your child is mad ugly or has no friends make them watch this movie they will love it!

Check it out and buy it on Amazon because for $19.99 you get, a DVD copy, a blu-ray copy, a sing-a-long copy (morgan birthday party theme) & an iTunes copy! HOW LIT IS THAT! iTunes copy is the only thing that matters because that means everyone on my family plan can watch my iTunes collection, which I gotta say is pretty AMAZING, because I have all the best movies. This is why people legit kill to be on my Apple family plan!

Xoxo enjoy the show bitches

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