Ep. 5 LEAVE the kids alone Hollywood!

The 5th episode of “From Daddy with Love” is a solo, Daddy only episode. None of my girlies crying about being single or their mans cheating. Instead I talk about a serious topic, this Hollywood children sex abuse scandal and how it ties to past events in history. Like, the catholic church sex scandal, the NASTY BBC Jimmy Savile (gag me), US girls gymnastics team scandal and finally the Dan “get in the car” Schneider Nickelodeon drama, which I think is hell worthy, sick fucks. Y’all going to rot in hell you sickso. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE. I end the episode with an AMAZING tale of my first time being suspended. Another story about people being jealous of me but in the end I win, because being suspended is AMAZING! Click below or search “From Daddy with Love” on iTunes.

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