Bill Gates is HONESTLY a lowkey scumbag

We have always known Microsoft Windows is a piece of shit, but now we know it’s founder is one too. Bill Gates act all high and mighty because he donates maddd money to charity, which is great! But then he’s profiting off a trash company that legit thinks it’s cool beans to pollute it’s neighbors. This trash company is Republic Services, which Bill is HIGHLY invested in.

Like wtf BILL, is money really more important than peoples health? Look at the cancer rates in St. Louis County instead of Republic’s profit margins. Hell has a special place for the rich pricks who poison people just for profit. THEN LIE ABOUT IT. So over you and your childish games Bill. God and I had a nice long talk about YOU!

I’ve recently became heated over this issue after watching “Atomic Homefront”, this dope documentary on HBO. I LOVE documentaries like this, ones where you legit could see yourself in their shoes. Where I live, we have Onondaga Lake, this cesspool thats recently being “cleaned up”(that will DEFF be an article one day). We have known for years this lake and its rivers are dirty AF but in St. Louis County, more specifically, the neighborhoods surrounding Bridgeton, Missouri. They didn’t know the creek was filled with toxic water. This is home to an AMAZING community of families who’s children played in this creek . It’s also home to a very lovely landfill. So great for the homeowners property value!

But this isn’t just ANY landfill, its a mixed used one. Sounds sassy right? Well, it isn’t. It means half of this landfill is normal household trash, the other half is a mixture of highly toxic nuclear waste chemicals from the Manhattan Project! Dope right? History!

Wanna know whats REALLY sassy about this landfill? Its conveniently next to Cold Water Creek, a creek the kids LOVED to play in. But let me tell YOU, this creek is way more than just cold, its toxic! Wow the town planners of this community really deserve the noble peace prize.


They would process nuclear waste downtown then transport it to the landfill and legit leave it out in the open till they would bury it later. Now anyone with knowledge of 5th grade earth science knows about runoff. When it would rain…the chemical waste would….runoff into Cold Water Creek legit next to it. This would then float down the creek and naturally get into their soil, and when the creek would flood this would get into peoples HOUSES! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Why would they allow this? Peoples houses would legit flood with this nuclear waste water and our government and Republic thought it was once again, cool beans. It wasn’t…..

Republic sends their PR scum bags who “claim” the pollution level is at low dose rates…. wtf does that mean. Low Doses of ANYTHING cancerous doesn’t sit well with papi. So they think its cool because its low but wtf happens when you breath and drink that every day? You think you become the Incredible Hulk? Nah you get cancer and fucking die(sorry that was harsh).

I honestly wanted to cry watching a young boy in the film DIE just because his mother lived along Cold Water Creek growing up & she didn’t get sick but her son did. Many others in the film had experiences like this because their High School was next to Cold Water Creek also.

A survey done to see how many people in the surrounding areas from the landfill had cancer. This is the results….how chilling.

Whats about to make this whole thing even CRAZIER is there’s an underground fire on the household waste side of the landfill. This is called a Subsurface smoldering event and its legit cray cray. Basically the way my dumbass understood it is, all the gasses underground were building up and because they weren’t monitoring and releasing them they LEGIT caught on fire and now are burning up all this trash underground. Its like a nuclear waste bonfire expect you CAN’T make S’mores.

Remember how I said, one side was trash the other was nuclear waste? What happens when that fire reaches that side of the landfill? Do we really think its just going to stop the fire and everything gonna be fine & dandy, cotton candy Christmas?

Nah either there’s going to be a big ass explosion or these people are going to get even sicker! There has been talks about making an isolation barrier for YEARs but as of today…..nothing has been done. Talk about waiting till the last minute! New head dumbass at the EPA, Scott Pruitt has proposed a new plan to remove more than 67% of all the chemical waste within 5 years. But this town has heard plans like that for YEARS, so ill believe it when I see it.

If you’re wondering, “Oh Matt why don’t these people just move?”. PLEASE tell me who’s going to want to buy their house after doing about 1 minute of research? Republic Services & the EPA need to buy these peoples houses way above market value and relocate these people before its too late! Why do only HBO, the people in this community and I care?

People like Bill Gates bitch ass don’t care because, THEY DON’T LIVE THERE. Well if this area is perfectly fine to live in why don’t him and his family move there? Every investor, CEO and the government officials who allowed this to happen and allows it to continue should have to move in. Let’s see how long you last before the coughing up blood begins. Y’all going to hell, have fun bitches. YOU WILL GET YOUR KARMA.

For more info watch this documentary or look up Just Moms STL, please bring awareness to this issue y’all! Because if this was happening in your backyard you would want others to care!

Xoxo Mother Nature gonna bitch slap them

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