Ready Player One is lit, Shoppingtown Mall is Shit

I am beyond shocked at the state of Shoppingtown Mall. Legit I haven’t been to this mall in a hot minute. But still I didn’t expect it to turn into a ghost town. When I arrived and saw buckets to collect rain water, I was honestly taken a back. How can the owners allow this mall to deteriorate to this point? Do you have no pride in what you own? At least give it a paint job my God. When I was growing up this mall was lit, it had everything Destiny had, without the gun violence. Now it’s a dump with random gyms and community centers… so basically a indoor flea market. To show you how dead it was, I naturally made a music video!

The quick lowdown on this mall was it was poppin’ till it passed owners mad times. Then in 2014 MoonBeam capital Investments bought it for $13.6 millions. I’m sorry, WHO are they? Since then the mall has legit sat in silence. One by one all its major tenants left besides busted ass Sears.

They “claim” they have all these development ideals to turn it into a mixed use with stores and office space but due to Town of Dewitt’s high property taxes on the mall they have done nothing. Honestly at this point the Town of Dewitt needs to lower that shit to legit zero for like 5 years then tax it. We need to at least do something with it before its too late! Stop approving business deals with shady ass companies also. This company has a tendency to just buy malls and do nothing with them then flip them for a quick buck.

Back when the mall was lit!

The reason why I even took a step in this dump was to see “Ready Player One” which was AMAZING! I read the book before so I went in with a stink attitude thinking it was going to be shit but even my baby girl loved it and she’s type dumb. I decided I wanted to check this theater out and what was shocking was how nice it was. Legit the whole thing is all bright lights and you can even get legit food like pizza, burgers and tacos. Not even Destiny has that which is mind blowing. Step your game up Destiny!

HOWEVER, as soon as I entered the basically empty theater I got an overwhelming smell of a musty mildew basement. I could not believe how bad that theater smelled. Have they been allowing people to smoke cigs in it? Did all the water damage get into the theater too? Is there mildew growing in the walls? Figure that shit out ASAP before y’all have a health scare on your hands!

Quick plot summary, basically this genius creates a virtual reality world that is better than the shitty real world, so people basically live there. You can work there, take classes there and obvs fight and kill anyone, it’s meant to be a video game. The creator dies and leaves behind 3 Easter eggs, find all 3 and you own the game. There’s obvs corporate douche bags that want to find the keys to monetize the game by charging to play and to also include ads. What pricks! Sounds boring but legit it’s good. Papi was on the edge of his seat needing a Xanax.

MY favorite thing about “Ready Player One” was the not forced diversity. Each character was legit dope and had actual character development and not shoved in there to fill a quota. My favorite character was Artemis played by Olivia Cooke from “Bates Motel” one of my favs. I’m happy they didn’t make the lead boy a fat slob with mad pimples like in the book. No one wants to look at that for 2 and a half hours. The dopest scene is set in “The Shinning” and not only is it creepy but it’s funny. Steven Spielberg deff still got his movie magic. Maybe he can use that magic to fix that dump of a mall.

Xoxo that mall DEFF gave me the black lung.


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