If you see a psycho attempt to buy a gun, PLEASE SAY SOMETHING

Mental health issue touches the life of EVERYONE. The stigma behind it needs to end, everyone needs to talk to someone just to let the negative thoughts out.

*This is my opinion, don’t get butt hurt over it. But If I’m wrong on anything comment below! I’ll never learn, if you never teach!

I am not anti- guns, I’m actually a supporter of the 2nd amendment because as a history major(useless degree),  I know what happens when the government take away everyone’s guns…. dictatorship or nazism. I TRY to make my website a fun place with some news, sass & fun stories and keep the bullshit to the mainstream media but now that a mass shooting was stopped in Syracuse, I feel compelled to give my opinion.

Do I think people need AR-15 no…. BUT do I think only the police and government should have them… hell no. So it’s like where can we find common ground?  I just don’t understand how we arrived at this point. Every day it seems I get another alert because of ANOTHER mass shooting. Could it be because of all these drugs we’re shoving down our children’s mouths? Or is it the fact that everyone is so obsessed with social media, we no longer communicate face to face so it’s easier for people to feel left out?

Social media is THE WORST, not only do you get to find out you weren’t invited some where in school. You ALSO get to see it all over social media as well. THIS IS CAUSING KIDS TO SNAP. Teenagers are a bag of emotions, we need to find a tap into that creatively, instead of violently. Mental Health is such a problem in America its not even funny. Stop spending money on stupid shit like arming teachers and instead get more therapists in these schools!

Why isn’t this problem at city schools? Is it because they have metal detectors or is it because they are used to a life of violence so they know how to handle it quicker. Don’t get me wrong, city schools still have MANY problems but still they don’t have school shootings like all these suburban schools are.

At Liverpool there was legit one entrance in that EVERYONE had to enter through and they even scanned your Drivers License to make sure there aren’t any warrants out for your arrest. Honestly that probably prevented a lot of incidents from happening but not all schools are like this. When I spent Thanksgiving in California legit my cousin’s school was an open field. Not even exaggerating all doors led to the outside and when I walked in not a single person said a word to me. Granted I’m adorable and don’t look like a psycho but these days YOU DON’T KNOW ANYMORE! All Schools need better security and a system in place to prevent any attacks. If your school is mostly outside, you’re honestly sitting ducks.

The reason why I decided to write about this topic on my Podcast day is because a planned shooting at Syracuse University was THANKFULLY, stopped before it was too late. It’s beyond terrifying that some random weirdo was planning a shooting where my mother works & brother attends school. Summary of this story is Xiaoteng Zhan, 22, of China was stocking up on ammunition and gun accessories in his downtown apartment for a planned shooting at Syracuse University.

Luckily it was prevented because everyone came together to prevent this from the gun shop owner, to the police to even maintenance workers at his apartment! Taking guns away doesn’t stop shootings, looking for signs & access to mental health help does! If we take the guns away, they will find them another way. But if we get them the mental help they need, we could do more then prevent a shooting, we could SAVE someones life. These shooters are scumbags don’t get me wrong, but they’re not right in the head.

Personally I don’t think this person wanted to actually kill anyone, he was telling a lot of people about his plan, a real shooter keeps that shit to themselves. I truly think this was just a cry for help, he was in such a bad place mentally he was crying out for help to anyone who would listen. Zhan orginally tried to buy a gun from The Gun Store, in Nelson. The owner of this place legit deserves an award, not only did stop the sale, he also followed Zhan to his car to write down his licene plate. He IMMEDIATELY called the cops who started to investigate him.

Whats scary is Zhan had a valid hunting licenese, which allows him to posses a gun as a non-citizen. This sicko even took gun safety courses in Verona, NY. Sadly, this wasn’t enought for a search warrant so all they could do is sit back and watch this guy from a distance. An example of how New York’s gun laws DO work is the fact that the police discovered Zhan recently had psychiatric care for suicidal thoughts. This allowed the police to put Zhan on the Do Not Buy list. Because of that decison, this prevented him from buying a gun at Dick’s Sporting Goods at Desitny USA.

However, this STILL wasn’t enough for a search warrant, UNTIL an alarm went off in his dorm when he was on Spring Break. A maintenance worker entered his apartment and discovered “gunsights, ammunition of various kinds, a shotgun shoulder carrier, laser scope and light” (Syracuse.com). The police finally had enough for a search warrant and entered the place. This allowed the police to get an involuntary order to committ him in a psychiatric hospital.

Syracuse University revoked his status as a student and Zhan was deproted back to China, where only God knows what will happen to him. Yes, its messed up it took 6 days to get a warrant but sadly in other states Zhan would of been able to go through with his plans.There was plenty of warnings in the Florida shooting, which people NEED to be fire over. Luckily we don’t have a bunch of idiots(debatable) in our police force like those in Florida.

Honestly, THANK GOD FOR TEAM WORK. This is exactly how our system is supposed to work. If you see something, SAY SOMETHING!  New York’s laws are an example of what the nations laws need to be. Not banning guns but making it harder for psychos to get one. Mental Health is such a problem in America that no one wants to address till it’s to late. If we get these people the help they need BEFORE they do something stupid, we can save lives.

I truly believe our schools need to make it mandatory for kids to see the school therapist once a week. Just so they can have someone to vent to that’s not their friends or parents, someone that won’t judge. Maybe if they can get out what they feel inside, they don’t bottle it up and feel so angry anymore. Idk how to fix this I’m not a doctor but there needs to be change. The fact that in another universe that guy wasn’t stopped and something God forbid did happen at SU honestly terrifies me. Without my Mama who’s gonna keep me grounded/humble? NYS gun laws sound good but others told me they are like a dictatorship. So idk I can research everything! If I’m wrong on anything comment below! I wanna learn!

Xoxo less guns, more green tea & honey

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