There’s a special place in hell for people like Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky are deff in hell or going to hell. Jerry for being a legit rapist freak and Joe for turning a blind eye. I am JAW DROPPED at how many people knew about Jerry’s pedo ways. Even thou this drama is years old, this past weekend HBO made a movie about it and legit its insane. I believe “Spotlight” which won mad Oscars and this movie “Paterno” are prob the best movies on this subject because they actually show the truth. They show there was a systematic cover up that allowed these CREEPS to get away with this for years. The pedo’s are bad but the people who helped covered it up ARE EVEN WORSE.

This movie shows you how far people will go to cover up for the ones they work for. The secretary KNEW and even found a file with proof… and she gave it to the president of Penn State. They found Jerry in the shower with boys MULTIPLE times even after he retired and they did nothing. Oh I almost forgot to tell you! In Jerry’s retirement deal he had access to the workout and showers for life…. in his fucking contract. How convenient! The showers were basically Jerry’s second home.

Are these people THAT sick in the head? These are CHILDREN. Joe Paterno said he waited to tell after he heard about the first shower incident because “he didn’t want to ruin someone’s weekend” YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP! Joe deff knew and either didn’t care because the kids were all poor or turned a blind eye because of his job idk I just can’t believe how many kids he could of saved!

Whats even sicker is these people like Jerry Sandusky, Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Saville all created charities for children with messed up life just so they can prey on them. Thats how SICK these people are, they legit created a charity to get more victims. It honestly makes me cautious towards people who created charities TBH, these people have so much access to children its honestly scary. The nicest people are devils in disguise, you truly can’t trust ANYONE!

Stop leaving your children with people you barely know wtf people. I understand that you need to live a life but stop leaving your kids with your new boyfriend, or your weird uncle or sketchy neighbor. Do at least 5 minutes of research and if “said person” likes “Disney channel” or uses snapchat and they are over the age of 35, please run.

Little unknown sorry, Jerry actually screwed with my life too. No I wasn’t touched by him… THANK GOD! But instead, his nasty actions forced my high school to cancel our annual Yearbook Club trip! What a prick! Legit every year this is THEE trip. It’s the Who’s who of high school and the teacher gave no fucks, so this trip was about to be lit. So creepy to think how many other schools went on trips there also.

HOWEVER, I refused to let this cancellation ruin my weekend. So naturally I made a fake permission slip for the trip and legit convinced my parents it was still on. Even had my friend pick me up at 8am lmaooo. IM SO BAD! Let’s just say the party I threw will go down in Liverpool history. Because my neighbors busted it and the school wanted me to name names. BOY BYE I AINT NO SNITCH. I’ll tell the FULL story tomorrow…. if y’all are good boys and girls.

My final thoughts on this movie is that we need more like it. Where’s the movie on Jimmy Saville? We can’t end abuse, if we don’t reveal abuse. Look for signs, are your children stand off-ish after going to someone’s house? Do they act different around certain members of your family? The boy who revealed all this was Aaron Fisher and honestly he deserves more recognition. To face all that scrutiny and ridicule from his peers and to still stand strong is crazy. If it wasn’t for Aaron, there would be even more victims today.

What’s even sicker, Aaron school, HIS SCHOOL told him not to report it because “Jerry had a heart of gold”. This just shows us how far people will go to turn a blind eye. The riot scene is the best part it shows the different emotions, those who support Joe Pa and those who don’t. It honestly was like a cult.

Lastly, am I going to hell for thinking Joe Paterno’s karma for covering this up was getting sick? Please don’t tell me he didn’t know…..even the janitors knew! And Jerry’s wife is a MONSTER! She legit said her husband showed with boys but nothing bad happened, it was just “a thing boys do”. Um lady….. Jerry isn’t a Boy. He’s a old ass dude. What are you on?


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