Khloe…..girl, even Stevie Wonder knew Tristan was sneaking around on YOU

I am BEYOND sick of these girlies who start dating NOTORIOUS cheaters think they will “FIX” them. GIRL BYE, the only thing you’re fixing is YOUR broken heart after he cheats on you too. A perfect example of this is the Khloe “OJ’s Daughter” Kardashian and Tristian Thompson drama.

His OG baby mama WHO HE DITCH FOR KHOLE WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT, Jordan Craig prob has the BEST group chat right now. She knew this would happen because it happened to her! Did Khloe think he was a one and done cheater? Nah, girl you got played and you deserved it.

He hasn’t even acknowledge his first son so after this I bet he won’t acknowledge this one either. What a fuck boy, you do the thrusting you do the raising. If you don’t want kids, then PULL OUT. ITs like my God people. I don’t understand why these BOYS keep their dicks in their then act all confused on when their girlies get prego. In this day and age, no one gets pregnant on “accident” anymore. Between plan-b, Nuva-ring, condoms, backshots and pulling out, you have options at your disposal. I will roll my eyes and walk away if anyone tells me, “They don’t know how it happened”.

Whats even sadder is Khloe has ALWAYS wanted a little spawn of her own. From her days with Lamar she legit was always talking about babys. Unless I’m remembering wrong, I believe there was a time she thought maybe she couldn’t get pregnant. Idk my IQ is wayyyy to high for that show. But I truly believe God works in mysterious ways so maybe he had Tristin not pull out on purpose she Khloe can have her dream kid, and sadly raise it alone.

The inside gossip is he met Khloe at Kevin Hart’s(another scum bag cheater) and Eniko Parrish’s wedding. The SAME wedding he attended with his OG BABY MAMA, who’s actually Eniko’s cousin. So sad, getting cheated on MUST be in their genes. They were Gucci for a hot min till this past weekend when photos and videos of his slimy ass motor boating hoes in the club and another video shows him entering a hotel with a girl that legit looks like his OG baby mama.

Respect your self and others HONEY. Because KARMA will come back to haunt you. If you are the other girl, maybe not now but later on you WILL get cheated on. People like him are serial cheaters. He has zero moral for cheating on not ONE but TWO pregnant women, WHO RAISED HIM?

Xoxo wait till OJ finds out, he gonna be pissed……

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