The chances of a Duggar being gay is mad high


Random drunk thought last night….the chances of AT LEAST one of the Duggar’s 19 children being gay are hella high! According to a Gallup poll 1 out of every 5 people are gay. So the chances are there y’all…NOT thats there anything wrong with that. But with homophobic hate groups that they back it would be pretty interesting to see how they would handle that. HOW cray would it be if one was like “I’m no long James I’m transgender call me Jaylor”, I would DIE!  If there is one in that family GOOD LUCK! Those parents are destroying their own children with their bible loving way.

Even Gods over it y’all, tone it down! It’s BEYOND extra, Mother Mary’s rolling her eyes too! They basically are a cult at this point, not going to school…only friends with themselves, wanting the kids to build housing on their land when they grow up. Look out for Kool-Aid(cough cough Jonestown)? Its BEYOND weird! Children NEED that outside their own family social interaction to help them develop into  normal citizens of the world. Not some weird robot adult who has ZERO social skills and are honestly type weird. If you think about it, their parents basically are Facebook, monitoring all their social interactions and who they talk too. Are they even allowed to go to a homies house? I’m convinced they’re only allowed to hang out with other large creep Christian families.

Like bullying happens EVERYWHERE so is there one mean Duggar everyones afraid of? The one that bullies EVERYONE, always saying God hates them or they’re not getting into heaven. Hides their rosary so they can’t pray. I can see it now, “Mum Jinger won’t stop putting boogers in my bible”. There’s gotta be a clique of the “cool” Duggar girls who everyones envys. The queen bee who ALWAYS win homecoming queen at Duggar Creepy High. Mean Girls, Duggar Edition.


The whole Josh Duggar sex abuse was just waiting to happen. These kids are going through puberty and they are basically locked away in a house WITH JUST THEIR BROTHERS & SISTERS, with their hormones on fire. This is their PARENTS fault what do they expect to happen? They will pray away the dirty thoughts? The fact that TLC still allows them to be on air is DISGUSTING. The parents should NOT be allow to get money for allowing that to happen. If one day one of these kids come out and are shunned from the family, it will be a good thing! They will finally be allowed to escape that hellish cult. Run free creepy J-letter kids!

Xoxo let them see some boobies


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