Visit Myrtle Beach, for the white sands and the cannibalist pedo!

Just when you thought the news couldn’t get any worse, we find out a pedo/cannibalist FREAK has been out on bail for well over a month and I’m just finding out about it. This judge should be tried as an accomplice if anything happen while this man is out! We basically give slaps on the wrist to pedo’s and it’s BEYOND screwed up.

Justin Teeter Bensing, from Myrtle Beach was caught in a Sex Trafficking Sting attempting to buy a 14 year old girl to abuse, have sex with and get pregnant. After that he wanted to kill her and then eat her body. Yeah that’s how SICK this weirdo is. He needs some Jesus!

Gross legit imagine looking over after a sun bathe and seeing his face…

Luckily the Boys in blue did their job and caught him and 40 others but what happen after is DISGUSTING. This guy admitted to police officers posing as a 14 year old girl that he wanted to do horrific things to that girl and then eat her body but for the judge that wasn’t enough.

The judge released the sick fuck on a $20,000 bail with NO conditions. His father posted it while saying to a Associated Press reporter,”The only thing I have to say on Justin’s behalf is that any charges of cannibalism are not correct”, before disconnecting the call.

Um I’m sorry but what? So everything else is true, he wanted to have sex with a 14 year old and basically make her a baby making slave. Yeah because that’s okay?

What scary is, this was back in March, prime tourism season due to Spring Break. This guy had no GPS tracker on so he could of been all over those beaches and their bathrooms. HOW CREEPY. You honestly can’t go anywhere anymore without the risk of a perv watching. Originally it was just the YMCA bathroom, now it’s EVERYWHERE!

I swear this world is getting worse and worse. Everyone needs to take a moment and pray for a little. Maybe a little bit of the Holy Spirit can cure this insanity. When I’m rich my family is only vacationing on a private island. I seriously can’t even trust the beach anymore, so sad! Justin’s court date is April 27th, I’ll keep y’all informed because it’s exposing season here at

Xoxo enjoy the beach, because Justin is looking.

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