Frats are HONESTLY gayer than Mike Pence


Okay I mean this in the MEANEST way possible, FRATS are soooo gay. Like my god everything they do screams self-loathing queers. Just like Mike Pence, Frats preach homophobic shit to over up for their own love of dick. Wait did that rhyme? From roofing girls because they can’t actually get girls to the hazing, it’s like we get it y’all want the D. Just admit it so you can end the hazing shit already!

Legit that’s why they continue to do it even thou they know its WERID. Its not to build a bond but to see some gay shit go down. Legit that’s all hazing is. Some dudes making freshmen live out their gay fantasies. It honestly sounds like a gay mans wet dream.

Further proof of this is the video going viral of a hazing session from the Fraternity Theta Tau at Syracuse University. It has your classic n-word being dropped that we expect from a frat. But they also spice things up by including racial slurs against Mexicans and Jewish people. My God I thought we were over the racist shit, its 2018 go find a hobby like scrapbooking. HOWEVER, what really stood out to me is how gay it was.

It starts off as a skit then they have some recruit I assume, get on his knees and not once but multiple times simulating giving another frat BRO a nice BJ. This is while all the other members look upon like some group gang bang. I’m sorry but THIS is what goes on in their basement when they don’t have their roofie “socials”. This was the engineering frat too! Imagine how worse the coke frats are.

From what I see the guy on his knees begging for the D knew the N word was bad so he mumbles it and says “K*ke” instead. Like thats any better. Which a majority of my friends had no clue what it means (it’s a racial slur for Jewish people). Which is just as bad but what makes it even worse is SU is basically the Israel of American Colleges, the Jewish population is huge.  That’s like saying the N word at Howard University, dumbasses.

What idiot thought it was okay to put it on Facebook? Are you dense? Do you want your life to be over? It’s mind blowing! It’s one thing for someone to be racist behind closed doors, it’s another to post it all over Facebook. It’s like these people wanted to be caught. It’s honestly social suicide.

Before if your met someone in a frat it was exciting because you could be invited to a party later. Now you gotta worry about covering your drink for roofies or having to suck dick just to get in. When I was a freshman at Syracuse, my first party was at a frat. It was $5 and that included drinks and 5 minutes in their glory hole. However the next week they said no dudes, “Its girls night”. Yeah because that doesn’t sound like the beginning of a Lifetime movie about college rape.

So my crew of at LEAST 10 girlies deep and I bounced and put a nasty spell on the whole fraternity. 2 days later they all got e-coil poisoning from a dirty keg. DON’T fuck the coven, because I AM the supreme.


No I don’t hate Frats because I couldn’t afford to be in one. I hate them because they’re a cesspool of dudes with big egos and small dicks, who act like douche bags to make up for the fact they will never live up to who their father wants them to be. Sorry, Chads the favorite not you BILLY. Also have fun living off your trust fund because with today’s lynch mob mentality you ain’t EVER getting a job. These dudes are like a cult covering up crimes like an episode of , “How to get Away with Murder”. But in todays digital age, you can’t hide ANYTHING, it always comes out. If those stripper poles in the basement could talk….imagine the stories they could tell.

Xoxo just come out already & leave the Freshmens ALONE!

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