Holy Spirit may we light up here?


Okay I seriously giggle when people who are SOO RELIGIOUS, talk down upon weed. They act as if the people who smoke that good good are horrible people. Well A. God made weed so are you saying God made something bad? B. your husbands a drunk, go worry about that! I’m sorry stoners are way more friendly and pleasant then drunks. No one wants to be around a smelly drunk asshole. Being around a stoner is so chill and legit you don’t even have to speak if you don’t want too. Unless you’re me who wants to speak about conspiracy theories when their high.

Its funny because the Republicans are the ones HARDCORE against weed, but they’re also very religious. So its like whats their explanation for hating weed? Legit grass is cool, Salads are cool, but weed isn’t? All of them are grown in the ground so its like whats the issue? Honestly Mother Nature and God teamed up to give us a natural medicine and people are acting like its meth. Gateway drug? Bish WHERE? Never once have I been high and been like, “Yooo wanna do crack? I think I got a metal spoon somewhere brah”. GROW UP!

Going back to things being grown in the ground, why is tobacco not illegal? Both are grown in the ground but weed is done naturally. Unlike cigs that are grown in the ground then mixed with rat poisoning and battery acid. Yeah that sounds SAFE! So hypocritical to legit hate weed “because its bad” but cool with cigs that CAUSE CANCER, because “its a business”.Name one person who’s died from a weed OD. Only death you’re getting is your stomach from the Taco Bell you eat after.

The REAL reason why weed is illegal is because the pharmaceutical, paper and alcohol industries will suffer! If you have a headache, hangover, upset stomach, the shits, pain in your back or legit anything else, what do you do? SMOKE WEED! Legit getting high will take you from feeling like shit due to a hangover to feeling brand new within 5 minutes. Can any pill do that? NO! Instead they give you fucked up side effects that will in the end kill you. Don’t believe me? Slow down the end of their damn commercials. They tell you the side effects so fast it sounds like Alvin & the chipmunks. REALLY?

The left over stuff from weed is hemp and from that you’re able to make mad things like paper and clothes. THATs why the paper companies are so against it. Plus in states where its legal the sales of alcohol are down because people are sick of throwing up the next morning. They wanna get faded instead!

The government needs to GROW up and legalize that shit already. Our inner city schools are suffering and the tax revenue from legalizing it could give those school the money they desperately NEED. Look at California and Colorado the money they are making of weed taxes is CRAZY! Colorado had so much tax revenue they were able to give some back to the communities. They also are lowering their tax rates on weed because they’re doing that well. Its honestly selfish at this point NOT to do it.

Stupid ass Governor Cuomo acts all progressive but really he’s the bitch of the business world. Every time people ask him about legalizing it he says, “Oh we’re funding a study”. A STUDY ON WHAT? Thats just more political bullshit talk. Cynthia Nixon WILL defeat his ass! When asked about legalizing weed she said, “Its already legal for white people, so lets make it legal for everyone of color”. This is BEYOND true, in New York anything under a ounce is a “misdemeanor” so basically a traffic ticket.

If you go to court most likely you’ll get an ACD meaning if you’re good for a year its dropped. HOWEVER thats only if you get a lawyer. If you can’t afford a lawyer you best hope you get a good public defender. Which I did, and luckily he was AMAZING! We bonded. But if he or she sucks you’re screwed because if the charges aren’t drop you could lose financial aid. Also it could show up on background checks and its like yeah weeds so mainstream these days but do you really want that to follow you through out life? Hell no!

Because what if one day Creepy Jeff Sessions, our Attorney General, gets his way and is able to stop states from legalizing weed! He has a seriously hard on against weed its so weird. Then there will be a legit database of American Stoners and they could like come after us! So many jobs are missing out on great job candidates just because they failed a WEED drug test. But y’all cool with coke because thats out of your system in 2 days. SO STUPID! This country is beyond backwards and I’m OVER it.

Xoxo if everyone was high, there would be less DRAMA!

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