NXIVM:No its not heart medication, its another Hollywood sex cult

As, Syracuse’s leading Cult expert I am pleased to inform you about a new creepy cult that was founded in Albany, New York! Oooh I’m getting chills already. This story has it all from a weird leader, a multi-level marketing scheme that would make Lularoe jealous to female sex slave assistants and finally the Dalai Lama?

Keith’s bitch ass with the Dalai Lama

Yeah very bizarre I know I’m just waiting for the Netflix documentary series about it. Imma start at the beginning and give you a Daddy summary of this little kinky sex cult and ALL the juicy details about how Hollywood is naturally involved. My God that town needs some mental help.

This orgy crew was orginally known as the “Executive Success Program”, founded by wanna be Steve Jobs looking ass Keith Raniere, the Bhagwan of this story. He basically would go around giving “professional and personal developmental” seminars, what ever the fuck that is. Sounds like to me a bunch of rich people threw away money to hear some dumbass speak.Ugh I can’t wait to have that type of money.

Him trying to look like Steve Jobs…. Boy BYE

Legit the amount of people this guy was able to draw in was crazy. From supposedly Richard Branson to the heiresses of Seagrams, that shitty wine coolers your mum drinks. These two girls legit gave away MILLIONS to Keith’s bitch ass, the founders of Seagrams must be rolling in their graves.

He was so popular and manipulative that he was able to get the Dalia Lama to come speak to his “squad” for $1 million dollars. Damn I thought the Dalia Lama was poor…. maybe he on that come up season?

But this story isn’t how shady the Dalia Lama is, its about how two Hollywood actresses legit became pimps for this Keith dude. They would recruit new girls to legit be his sex slaves. Then to let the world know, these girls are Keith’s property, he would make them brand themselves with his initials above their vagina’s. Girls will do ANYTHING for the D. This girls group was called JNESS. It sounds like a K-pop group lmaooooo.

This is legit a picture of one of his victims who was forced to brand his initials

This is why I knew 50 Shades of Grey was a bad idea. It gave all these creeps some new sex games, everyone NEEDS to go back to normal sex. Chill with this kinky weird shit! What would your mothers think? Keith was arrested in Mexico on sex trafficking chrages. The FBI is accusing him of creating a female sex sorority where each woman was branded with Keiths initials and were considered his sex slaves.

Sounds like Keith has a little dick and needs to make up for it by being a cult leader. I truly am mind blown at how people fall for this bullshit, are you that desperate for some love? Here want a hug? Actually no…. you don’t get a hug from me. You may fall in love with me and try to start a new sex cult. Luckily ladies… I don’t go that way. Unless you’re Janet Jackson.

His two female sex masters who would allegedly recruit these girls are Smallville actresses Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk. Whats up with the CW girls? They went from messing around with Superman to having a sex squad. These girls must be HELLA HORNY.

Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk

Thankful Allison Mack was just arrested for her involvement. According to the New York Post, she first got involved in 2006 after Kristin Kreuk introduced her to Keith. SUCH A GOOD FRIEND.

Kristin does admit that she was involved with the sex cult, HOWEVER, she claims that her involvement predated the branding of his initial and other weird shit. On Twitter she stated, “The accusations that I was in the ‘inner circle’ or recruited women as ‘sex slaves’ are blatantly false”.

The media has been so silent on this it’s mind blowing. And they wonder why people don’t trust the news. They all were silent till Allison was arrested. As of today MSNBC STILL has not reported on it. And after Allison was arrested CNN finally did. Keith was arrested over a MONTH ago! Why is the media attempting to cover this up? It’s legit so weird how far the mainstream media will go to cover for creeps. And if you think I sound like a right wing nut, you’re honestly a part of the problem with this world. You will believe ANYTHING the media will tell you like a herd of sheep.

Xoxo go find God, not a cult!

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