Democrats learn from your mistakes, LEAVE OUR LOCAL ELECTIONS ALONE


This comes from a place of LOVE because as a somewhat democrat (I’m too cute for just ONE political party) I want to SAVE this party, but it may be too late.

Just when you thought the DNC/DCCC would learn a lesson after the mess of 2016, they file a petty as fuck lawsuit and are STILL trying to rig elections. My God I would love for these dumbasses to get awake up call and realize, its not the Russians that are destroying your party, ITS YOURSELF.

By trying to be the party of random social issues, they alienated so many people and have honestly became the party of blame everyone else. Really we’re blaming Russia and Trumps dumbass sons for YOU losing the elections. No you lost the election because you thought we were all blind sheep who would follow everything CNN told us too. The backlash from this election is crazy because not only did Trump win, we also saw the true side of the media and how they basically ate Hillary’s booty.

If these DNC/Podesta emails are “Fake News” then why all the fuss over these hacks? Why after 2 years are you still beating this dead horse? You look BEYOND desperate at this point. I truly believe they realize they are FUCKED thats why. They are losing the war on information. I don’t think they realize how hard it would be to control the narrative with the age of social media. Facebook and Twitter are being censored but Reddit and 4chan are becoming to hard too. You can delete one thread about something they don’t like but 5 others will pop up right after.

Juanita Williams and the Onondaga County local congressional election are further proof of this. A quick recap of that drama, Dana Balter won the Onondaga County Democratic Committee primaries for the 24th Congressional District, against John Katko’s bitch ass. The same Katko who voted to over tax graduate students and people who work at Colleges, because he is a dick. The same Katko that voted to allow psychos’ from other states to bring their guns to any state they want, regardless of that States laws. Sounds safe! This nomination process was only open to members of the OCDC, but anyone can sign up for that. I even voted in it because I’m a firm believer in getting Katko the hell out of office. Ask him when’s the last time he did a town hall? Why is he afraid of his constituents. Is it because he only cares about his big business donors?

At the nomination process, we all took turns submitting a vote for either Dana or the other lady, who I won’t even mention because she was RUDE and didn’t introduce herself to me. I’m sorry but wouldn’t you think YOUNG PEOPLE would be the first person you walk up to? Home girl didn’t because she was too busy sucking up to the rich people. Well honey that was your first mistake because do they have an AMAZING website that could reach a who demographic thats been untapped? NO!


Back to the Juanita drama, so basically Juanita is the democratic go to girl to lose elections. She lost the mayor election against a republican turned independent in a MAJORITY democratic city. I’m sorry but WHAT? Thats who the democrats are throwing money at? Someone who couldn’t even win in a race that should of basically been handed to her. I give props to Ben Walsh, the candidate who did win because he showed how OVER people are with political parties. Running independent shows the world, no one party controls you. You’re independent AF! Yeah he still a republican deep down but he realized how toxic these parties are. So hats off to him and his team.

One thing about the mayor election that showed me how petty the democrats and Juanita are is when Ben Walsh first announced his candidacy. Juanita crew of dramatic misfits legit had an anti-Ben rally across the street from his press conference. I’m sorry but WHAT? This isn’t a playground school election, this is the REAL world. That one move lost them the election in my opinion because it showed how fucking pathetic these people are. Instead of having a useless “protest” why not spread the word about what YOU would of done to save Syracuse. A city that’s poverty rate is alarmingly high and crime is an every day occurrence.

Immediately after Dana won the nomination, her team went to work. How do I know? Because I was bombarded with emails and letters for different events to get the word out there. I was BEYOND hyped to tell the world how AMAZING and down to earth Dana is. She isn’t a typical candidate who acts robotic. She’s a REAL person who doesn’t care about Chanel purses or that other political appearances BS, she cares about fixing Onondaga County. I describe her as having a mom type vibe. Someone that you know will listen to your problems, give you advice on how to fix it and then she’ll end it by making you a BLT with some hot coco to make you feel better. She’s MUM!

HOWEVER, this came to a screaming halt when the classic democrats decided to OUT OF NOWHERE back Juanita to run for the democratic nominee and force ANOTHER primary vote. WTF is y’all issue, YOU DON’T EVEN GO HERE! They claim its because Dana wasn’t raising enough money, BULLSHIT! I’m sorry she didn’t have the millions Katko has from all his business scumbag friends and outside influence. She has donations from REAL people who support her.

The democrats funneled mad money to Juanita and went to work right away to rig another election. NOT ON MY WATCH HONEY! They legit had flyers to hire people for $15.00 an hour to collect names for the nomination petition. In order to be consider for the nomination you need 1,250 names on a petition. But because Juanita’s team is honestly full of dumbasses, they couldn’t even do that right. These idiots went to Syracuse, Le Moyne and the farmers market to collect names.


That would be great for a presidential election but because its local these people have to be LOCAL CITIZENS AND REGISTERED DEMOCRATS. So after collecting over 3,200 names, they turned the petition in. But because God is a sassy boy who refuses to let cheaters win, the local democrats checked the names and its alleged that over 2,400 of the 3,200 names are fraud. Meaning the names are made up or the people aren’t register democrats.

HOW PATHETIC! Y’all couldn’t even get a petition done right! I refuse to allow this election to be another 2016.  If the democrats didn’t rig the election in Hillary’s favor then maybe Trump wouldn’t be president. I’m afraid if we allow this to continue, Juanita could win due to all her financial backing and the republicans will be able to use this against us. I can already see the political ads saying, “Do you really want to vote for a Washington backed candidate that not even the local people support”. This should be a time of unity and coming together. But instead we have Juanita being a legit JUDAS. She even donated to Dana’s campaign then days later announced she was running. So low & disgusting. Have you NO shame?

Lastly, I am BEYOND hyped for this DNC lawsuit against the Trump campaign, his sons, Wikileaks and the Russian Government. I’m sorry but what lmaoo I thought y’all had money issues. Now you have the bread to sue? How are you going to sue Wikileaks when England can’t even bust down a door to arrest their leader. This lawsuit will be explosive because during discovery we could get MAD juicy gossip. Like whats the full story behind this hack? Why does Seth Rich’s name constantly pop up.

IF the mails are real like the DNC admitted why won’t they discuss the weird shit John Podesta said in them. I’m not saying that whole “Pizzagate” conspiracy is real but come on why does homeboy want “Pizza” and “Pasta” all the time. Also, what the hell is this shit with Imran Awan. Why did Debbie Wasserman Schultz (honestly the devil of the democrats) attempt to brush it under the rug? Instead of addressing these questions the media are saying their “Fake News”, well now we get to find out! They better air this stuff on C-Span!

Xoxo the only fake news here is Juanita chances of winning

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