Debs going to Nigeria to meet her online “boyfriend”. Is it a love story or a potential murder?


If you’ve been a loyal follower of and my podcast “From Daddy with Love”, you obviously know about Deb, Syracuse favorite wild child. I met Deb about 3 years ago at work, where she was a delivery driver. After a few missteps (leaving arrangements in a hot car all night, coming back with the windshield all smash from a baseball) she left my job for a brighter path, Uber.

But this story isn’t about all that drama, its about her online boyfriend, Bobby. I’ve seen catfish I know how these online boyfriends work. They seek out single women like Deb who have been victims of a bad break up. Then they milk her dry.

This guy’s photos are the definition of SHADY! One is legit him on vacation…but he’s feet are white but weirdly he’s black. Idk maybe he got some Michael Jackson shit going on. He’s asked for money before to get a “Visa” because he wants to come to America. Yeah maybe he should check with Trump about that one.



Another time he was in the hospital for legit a month and every time Deb called the hospital to speak to him it legit went to voicemail……I guess their Busy? Oh, did I also tell you he’s a math teacher! He’s basically the Bachelor of Nigeria. IMG_3132.jpg

Deb is a LOYAL girl! She’s head over heels with this dude. To help him TRY to get him a visa, this girl legit applied for him to attend Syracuse University so he could get a student visa. Spoiler alert…. that didn’t work lmao.

Next he applied himself and Deb wrote a letter of recommendation for him. How many of you hoes can say you would do THAT for your mans? But sadly due to lack of funds he would be turned down. The Government legit told him he couldn’t afford to last a day here. Lmao damn the Trump administration be so cold!

But Deb NEVER lets her struggles bring her down. She always turns a dark situation into chaotic shit show of brightness. She crashed her car sadly but uses that as a come up to meet her Nigerian Prince.

With her check she decides YOLO and F fixing her car! Instead she bought a plane ticket to Nigeria to meet her mans. When she told me this I was at a loss of words. I was truly worried for her. But then I realized, Deb is YOLO and always will be YOLO. She truly doesn’t give a fuck. No matter what I tell her she’ll giggle and say “MAtttthew stopppppp”.


I gave her some cold love at first. Legit yelling at her then not speaking to her for a few days because of it. She’s legit going ALONE to a country with mad drama going on and with a sex trafficking problem. I’VE SEEN TAKEN!

According to the United States Department of State, Nigeria is a high risk country due to its violence, caste-based slavery system and SEX TRAFFICKING ISSUES! Debs is a DIME Piece, mad people are gonna want her! I could honestly see her becoming a legit “hot piece of ass” in the sex trafficking world.

But all jokes aside this is serious. That same article spoke about how they kidnapped girls and sell them to husbands as “fifth wives” aka sex slaves. I hope they only expect sex because Deb doesn’t do housework. She too cute for that!


Last time I said something to her about not going she said “Is it because he’s black”. I honestly popped because it has NOTHING to do with that. It’s about how he scammed her for hundreds of dollars already and she admitted that on my Podcast “From Daddy with Love”, but she still wants to go! I truly don’t understand it but again I’m not her daddy! I gave my mind and if she doesn’t wanna hear it well tough tittes!


I’m debating on putting a tracker in her nipple piercing just so I can track her 24/7. Because she has Cricket mobile she will have no cell service over there. LIKE WTF. So for a whole week I legit have to sit and wait and hope she comes back. Either that or I’ll find out via an popup for “Hot webcam girls”.

Everyone do a prayer for Deb and hope she survives this so we can obvs do a “Welcome back Deb” podcast! Omg we should all surprise her at the airport! With homemade signs that say, “If you’re reading this, YOU’RE NOT DEAD!!!”.

Xoxox anyone have a way we can stop this or a camera crew to film this?

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