If you’re a terrorist,please don’t read this….


The other day, my girlie and I were driving to the bank when we went under a train. Because my girlie has a developing young 24 basically blonde mind, she’s always asking daddy questions. She goes, why are those trains black? Woahhh girl don’t be racist! JK I’m bad but really, I go, baby girl those are oil trains, each one is filled with oil.

She then goes, “That sounds sketchy”. And gosh darn it my baby girl is right, those things are fucking sketchy. Legit with terrorists getting more and more desperate each day whats to stop one of these nuts from throwing a bomb on it real quick. Legit it was just sitting there not even moving. It was hella long too!

Also is that safe to breathe in? Shit just sitting there, oil just chilling. IDK about y’all but my lungs don’t like the smell of that. But with my past articles about the environment we already know they don’t give a FUCK! Profit over health because hey we die but money doesn’t!

One of the arguments for making that Keystone XL pipeline was to have fewer oil trains. HOG WASH. Thats a disaster waiting to happening. First for the environment because those are more leaky than a girl with a UTI. Second thats legit a mile long stream of oil, a terrorists wet dream. These people are getting hella insane, you really want me to believe they have security everywhere on that pipeline? I think not!

I guess it could be worse, we could be like Alabama, who is getting shipped New York City’s legit sewage shit via trains. HOW GROSS! The town of Parrish has been complaining about how bad the smell has been. Is this karma for having slaves? No one in the town wants it there but because its a poor community no one gives a fuck. Before it was being shipped to landfils in Pennsylvania but the town ended that REAL quick after odor and violations complaints, NATURALLY. For years New York City was dumping shit in the ocean until the federal government ended that real quick in 1988. That city loves trashing the world.

There is for sure more humane and environmentally friendly ways to do this but these people only care about profits and giving their college frat rape friends kick backs. The trash business is shady but hey at least someones doing something with the shit but at least come up with something better. Imagine if a terrorist thought a shit train was a oil train and blew that up instead lmaooooo. That would smell so bad. Wait legit think about it, if one oil train tank blows up wouldn’t the whole lot then catch on fire too? That would legit be a big ass explosion. OMG THIS IS SCARY!

Xoxo someone buy me a Tesla so I can say fuck off to oil


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