If you can identify as black, I can identify as Celine Dion

Okay if you want to identify as another gender I don’t care, not my problem. You wanna wait in line to go to the bathroom that’s all you, HONEY! Me, I love short lines. But when you start to say you identify as another race THATS when I walk away. I draw the line in the sand and end that BULLSHIT.

The reason for this rant is I recently watched the Rachel Dolezal documentary on Netflix and legit it’s insane. For those who don’t know Rachel or just wiped her lies from your memory. Rachel was that white girl who told society she was black(eye roll). She also was the head of the NAACP and actually did a lot of good for the black community.

That’s what makes this all the more shocking. She wasn’t trying to appropriate black culture for financial gain like a majority of white people do. In my opinion she’s doing it as a way to cope with her beyond fucked up childhood. Does this make it all right? Hell no. But still I found its fascinating to figure out why after all this embarrassment, she still won’t say she’s white. Girl look in a mirror!

The quick recap on Rachel’s childhood is her family was basically an inner racial Duggars. Rachel’s parents were deeply religious and shoved that down Rachel and her 2 brothers throats. They decided Jesus wanted them to adopt and because it was easier to get black babies they adopted 3 black children.

Legit Rachel’s parents tried to raise these kid as white people. They didn’t really have a way to discover black culture and their identity till Rachel started to read more and found blacks culture as a way to escape her messed up childhood.

Allegedly at this same time her biological brother was molesting Ester, her adopted sister. Ester told her adopted mother this but she called her a lair and said her son would NEVER. One look at the brother and I knew his ass was guilty. Years later Ester came forward with this and Rachel was set to testify to confirm it.

Her brother hired a Private Detective to find any way to discredit Rachel and Ester. This is when it was discovered she was telling people she was black and was the head of the NAACP. Legit maybe it would of never been discovered if she didn’t say she would testify. I honesty feel bad for Ester.

Because of all this drama with her claiming to be black, no jury will believe her testimony. No DA will touch Esters case now because of how toxic Rachel is. Could Rachel been touched too and she bonded with her adopted family more and that’s why she identifies as black? She doesn’t associate with her crazy religious white family so she wants a way to wipe them clean from her life.

And being white is a reminder of her family. I almost feel bad for her, she legit needs mental help. What interesting is it’s basically a family war, The brother and the biological family versus Ester, Rachel and the adopted brothers. With what happen with the Duggars older brother I tend to believe Ester’s story. Deeply Religious family have mad family secrets that they will die protecting.

My one question through out the documentary was, Does Rachel think she can say the N word? How far mentally does this go? I honestly thought it was a joke at first but even after her kids basically beg her to say she’s white she still won’t. She even changed her name to something “more ethnic”, she’s that serious about this. Normally I would say that’s a sign she’s mentally unstable but when she speaks you can see how well informed she is on social issues.

I feel so bad for her children. They get harassed for their mother’s stupidity. Why subject your children to that? We all have to stop acting as if children can control their crazy ass parents. Trust me, I’ve had my mean ass days but seeing her son legit saying he has no friends broke my heart.

The obsession white society has with stealing from black culture is creepy. It’s not enough to just take their music and dance moves(Elvis) now people want to take their skin as well. CHILL OUT. Until you’re subjected to shitty schools, getting pulled over randomly all the time or having everyone assume you’re a thug, sadly YOU’RE NOT BLACK. Take on their struggles first before you take on their skin and culture.

Xoxo learn 2 luv urself

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  1. I love it. I’ve seen some stuff about people identifying with cats, they were born as the wrong species. And they mew to each other and that’s how they communicate!


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