Get away from me you cis-gender freak


One day I was walking thru the mall, just minding my own and I over hear the term “cis-gender”. I’m almost positive it was in reference to me because I don’t play when it comes to the mall. If you’re just standing there talking and in MY way, imma push thru ur ass.

After a quick google search I discover this term means “a person who identifies with the gender they were born with” lmao I’m sorry what! Trans people legit came up with a nasty term for other people… I LOVE IT!

This is exactly why what America needs right now. A term for just trans people to use. Let’s be realistic society has terms for trans people, that I won’t state cuz I don’t need the LGBTAJHUMeowMeow community to come after me. But I find it’s adorable they came up for a term for everyone else! When I worked for Hillary I first heard this word but as a nasty word to describe “un-woke” straight people.

I legit laughed after I heard it. That’s the word you come up for lol? Drop the gender part just keep cis. Sounds way more nastier! “Move you Cis freak bitch” or “cool dick you were prob born with it cis weirdo” lmaooo I would die. If I was in a verbal fight with someone and they called me a cis skank I think I would walk away because I wouldn’t know what to say. How do you respond back to that?? Is that an insult or a compliment?

I feel like everyday we discover a new term for gender and sexual orientations. It’s exhausting and almost homework at this point. But who am I to tell people they can’t make up genders, I’m just Daddy. But when’s enough enough? Why can’t we just say straight people then everyone else.

If we keep on adding letters to the title they will never get any t-shirts made! A prime example of this would be the flyers students at Syracuse University handed out during the Frat drama.


Okay I knew about the first 4 but they lost me with the last 5. WTF is 2-Spirit?!? Thats a new one! When you Google it means “a person who has both a masculine and a feminine spirit, sometimes used by some First Nations”. So they who walks with dick & Pussy? Okay wow thats a lot to process. So is thats the same as a non-binary person?

UGH SO CONFUSING! Just when you think you start to get it, they tack on 3 new letters just to fuck with our heads. To keep it simple they should just shortening it to “Everyone not Straight” or ENS. There I made life simple, y’all welcome.

Xoxo I think my dog is non-binary

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