Ep. 9 Update on Deb, Bye Bye Pill Cosby & whats daddy reading/watching?


On Ep. 9 of “From Daddy with Love” I legit just ramble on for 45 minutes, SORRY! But I truly feel like I truly covered whats important this week. Like an update on Debs trip to Nigeria, the latest on Pill Cosby, Boy Scouts new name change and to end it off I tell you all my new fav TV shows, movies and books! Listening to daddy while running & driving is honestly motivating! I wanted a one on one interview with Deb about WTF happened this week when she ATTEMPTED to go to Nigeria but sadly home girl needed her sleep, she’s been up for 3 days….So to make up for it I’m working on an AMAZING video of her and I for next week! Click below or search “From Daddy with Love” on the Apple Podcast app!

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