Iran Nuclear deal: WAS* it Gucci or Bunk Bunk?



Shocker, Trumps the first man who says he was going to pull out and actually did pull out, you gotta respect him for that. Trump has, for a hot min, been against the Iran Nuclear Deal, President Obama and 6 other nations agreed on in 2015. He’s been preaching that he will literally “Rip it up” on the campaign trail in 2016. He believes it is deeply flawed “at its core”, and was always a bad deal because it didn’t actually stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb, it just “limited it for a few years”.

Now that Trump pulled out, he will reimpose the same sanctions that were in place before the deal but more tougher & sassier. Damn,  who in Iran pissed him? Is the Ayatollah’s daughter a former lover who got away because Trumps father doesn’t allow interracial marriage? “Son its her or the “small” million dollar loan”.

To understand why Trumps against this deal ill break it down it simple terms even my dumbest girlies can understand.



In 2015, after years of drama, Iran reached a deal with the United States and 5 other countries to limit its nuclear “activities”. Before this, Iran had nuclear facilities that they were enriching uranium at which would be used for nuclear power or to make nuclear bombs. Iran had over 20,000 centrifuges to enrich uranium, so yeah these MOFO’s were BUSY!  They claimed all this was peaceful and was only research, GIRL BYE!

Iran had two nuclear sites and were working on a third. Under the deal, one site was allowed to just do research on nuclear enrichment, the other was to be turned into a medical laboratory and the 3rd they were working on was to be halted. Iran also agreed to allow the International Atomic Engery Agency to inspect any site they deem suspicious in the whole country, HOWEVER they have 24 days to comply. INTRESTING.

Lastly the deal allowed access to more then $100 billion in frozen assets and Iran is allowed to sell oil and trade intentionally. If they violate the deal, the sanctions would go back into place for 10 years with the possiblity of 5 more added on.

Basically the way I see it, we delayed them from getting a nuclear bomb then lifted sanctions to give billions of dollars back. So in a sense, they get to rebuild their economy, build up their military then when the 7 years are up start their nuclear program up again. Sounds GREAT!

But Idk if I would of pulled out of it because at least we have something in place to slow Iran down. By now pulling out and adding these new sanctions its going to piss off Iran and a lot of wealthy people who will then fund terrorism to get back at us, sorry not to sound stereotypical but its true. HOWEVER, Trump knows way more information than we do so maybe there’s proof they were being sneaky. Or maybe there isn’t and Trump just has a hard on against Obama and wants to destroy his legacy.

Either way all countries should chill with the nuclear bomb. No one needs it have you NOT seen “Dr. Strangelove”? All it takes is just one psycho to blow up the world. Is that what y’all want?


Also PLEASE watch Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu Ted Talk style video where he shows “proof” Iran was lying this whole time. He legit pulls a sheet off a book case of all the proof, I legit spit out my Chai Tea.


Xoxo be mean to me and Papa Trump will give you sanctions



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