Why I beef with LinkedIn

I legit despise LinkedIn. I have never met a more annoying app before in my life. It lies to you and mad me look like a fucking stalker. I’m done with it’s games and pettiness.

My first experience with this POS was back in college. I was applying for jobs and obvs I would stalk the person interviewing me. This was an AMAZING opportunity to find something in common to weave into the conversation. I did this multiple times to make a mental connection with the person interviewing me. You like sports? I FUCKING LOVE sports!!!

Little did I know this person knew my scheme and saw through my bullshit. Legit at the time unless you paid for LinkedIn, it legit would tell EVERYONE who’s page you looked at. So all these people were getting notifications that I was being a virtual stalker.

They changed that feature a few years ago but still the damage was done I couldn’t believe how crazy it made me look.

Thanks for the heads up assholes. Like are you that desperate for money? You have fucking ads & job posting revenue, you really have to milk people dry just to they don’t look pathetic?

What’s even more annoying is I swear it’s a legit sends fake notifications. I know I sound crazy but seriously I would get emails that people were looking at my account and I would go and it was nothing….

STOP getting people’s hopes up like wtf so rude! How would YOU like it? I swear they legit love to play games with peoples minds. It’s honestly sick. They need to seek help. It’s like some twisted Kanye shit.

Basically this app is beyond extra and honestly most peoples photo are corny. It’s a job recruitment app, why are you photoshopping your photos.. legit when I can tell you are brushing up your face and it looks worse than a Kim Kardashian Instagram edit THERE’S A PROBLEM!

It shows the people that your not trustworthy and your a liar. No one wants to hire someone who takes the time to edit their face. It shows you have WAYYYY too much time on your hand

Xoxo I’m deleting that shit, wanna hire me? Find me under the Ask Daddy section of my website

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