Israel Vs. Palestine: Drama older than Christ


The conflict between Israel & Palestine is honestly a tale as old as time. But it is so controversial I was afraid to touch the topic with a 10 foot pole. HOWEVER, with this horrific violence going on due to Trump moving our embassy to Jerusalem, my girlies be asking questions! Daddy NEEDS to provide answers. I decided to start from the beginning and figure out what the hell is going on over there.

This topic is so heated you can no longer stay neutral. The media is making it into an either you’re for us or against us type of situation. Well that’s not how DADDY rolls. I support whats right and whats going on over there is BEYOND messed up. This isn’t about Jewish vs. Muslim, its about a shitty deal after World War II that is still to this day fueling this conflict. The hatred between both sides is so toxic, its worst than democrats vs. republicans. Seriously both sides honestly want each other dead, they don’t view the other side as people, they view them as people trying to take their homeland.

Okay let me give you a quick recap of the creation of Israel. This conflict goes back to the day of the bible. Israel’s origins are traced back to Abraham, that homie from the bible. Whats interesting is he is considered the father of Judaism and Islam. How cray is that! Because his two children, Ishmael and Isaac created Islam and Judaism.  A little family drama that’s now a deadly, violent war. Sooo basically “Game of Thrones”.

King Solomon created the first holy temple in ancient Jerusalem. Both sides view this city as scared to their religion. They both have many historical site in Jerusalem, that’s why both sides want it as their capital. Since 722 B.C. this land has been conquered and ruled by more people than films in the Marvel universe. Seriously it was hard to keep track who was in control. During the crusades the Jews were basically forced off the land that is now Israel and Palestine and were displaced across Europe.

Side note, why has for centuries people hated the Jews? Is it because they know business thus they are typically successful? Is it because they are still traumatized by their circumcision? If I convert to Judaism will I become successful? On the internet once I saw someone say, “Wanna really stick it to the Jews? Pay off your credit card in full each month so you get the cash back and they get no money from interest”. Lmaoo who knew the alt-right is not only Anti-Semitic  but also financially responsible!

The longest rule over these lands have been by the Ottoman Empire from 1517 to 1917. But after their dumb asses lost World War I, their land was taken over by Great Britain, thus creating the mess we have today.

After World War II the United Nations and honestly the world minus the Palestinians decided to partition Palestine into two different states. In May 1948, Israel was officially declared an independent state and they legit didn’t even have time to have a celebratory Newport. Immediately five Arab nations; Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon threw a bitch fit and invaded Israel. Its like DAMN at least let the put up their state flag before you attack, RUDE much?

This war lasted about year till a cease-fire was reached and Egypt took parts of the West Bank. After that it was war after war after war, legit imma only discuss the main ones because this isn’t a history text book, we get it they hate each other! Before I go into that I wanna state how EXTRA it was to separate Palestine the way they did. I understand people were already settled there but still separate it in half and pay to relocate people! No wonder there’s so much conflict, the country is legit separated into clusters.


First major conflict that had a lasting effect was the six-day war. Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria legit had a six day war that ended in Israels favor. They were able to take control of the Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank and the Golan Heights. Overtaking these lands would create lasting tension because Palestinians who lived there were either force to relocate or were honestly treated to horrible conditions. Again I’m NOT choosing sides I am just stating the facts as I view them! Its tough to attack Israel for this when our government legit did the same thing to the Native Americans. A country does have the right to defend themselves but to take over land? I don’t Know….

But again countries always lose land during wars so its like how can we judge? I JUST DON’T KNOW! This is why its hard to make a decision on who to support because both sides lowkey make dick moves, but it seems like Israel has a bigger bank account to make these dick moves last.

The overtaking of this land would led to a Palestinian uprising in the Gaza and West Bank. Groups like Hamas who are against Israel started to form. After hundreds of deaths a peace accord was reached till 2000 when suicide bombers and other attacks took place throughout Israel. This lasted till Israel announced a plan to remove all troops from the Gaza strip by 2005. Which pissed off a lot of Israeli’s. Legit any step towards peace will always piss someone off.

I can see this from both sides. One, Jewish people legit lived a hell of a life. They were forced off their land during conflicts centuries ago and displaced across Europe. The unluckily ones who moved to Germany and the surrounding areas legit had to live through the worst possibly imagined. So yeah I think they earned their own state. But in the Arabs eyes this was now their land and they were basically being invaded.

Israel is basically a powerhouse now with their dope Iron Dome system that basically shoots down any missile that is shot at them. So they have limited damage but when they strike back, Palestine doesn’t have that. Whats sad is Hamas the leading terrorist group in Palestine that organizes the attacks are shooting them from schools and playgrounds. This is because they know they will have maximum damage and will create viral videos. Israel is right to defend themselves but when they don’t even get any damage from shouldn’t they not attack back?

Both sides hands are dirty that’s why I can’t see them coming to an agreement. Someone will not be happy with the outcome, it may not be the government but most likely outside forces that will rebel against it. Proof of this is Donald Trumps decision to move our Embassy to Jerusalem and declaring it the capital of Israel.

When they declared Israel a separate state they divided Jerusalem into two separate basically neutral areas. This was until the Six-Day War when Israel occupied both sides of Jerusalem. Since then the city has been under Israels control but the U.N and the International community view it as a violation of international law.

Before the move our embassy was in Tel Aviv as do most nations. After 2006 when Costa Rica and El Salvador moved their embassies out no other country has one in Jerusalem. Our government planned on staying in Tel Aviv till 1995 when the US Congress passed a law relocation’s America’s embassy to Jerusalem because that was Israel choice of a capital. However every president since Clinton has used the presidential wavier to prevent the move. Until freaking Trump decided YOLO, I guess?

This move which happened last week, started protests on Monday. The protesters say that this protest was very peaceful until Israel started to shoot into the crowd. This led to dozens being shot dead and over 2,400 wounded on the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces. The pictures and videos going around social media will leave you speechless.

Israel claims the protest wasn’t peaceful and they were just protecting themselves, interesting… They say Hamas was using the young protesters as a distraction to sneak across Israel’s boarders….again interesting. Then the next day was the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, or “catastrophe,” the Palestinians term for Israel’s creation. So shit got even crazier.

Both the United Nations and Amnesty International called on Israel to stop the attacks but they said they were only following protocol. Why kill when you could use tear gas instead? Okay tear gas is still fucked up but its better then legit bullets. I understand there could be a few bad apples in the group but come on to shoot into a crowd is crazy!

Six children died! Again I’m not choosing sides but anyone who watches what goes on over there can see how crazy it is. Yes in the photos there were people with molotov cocktails but get a freakin hose then. We all know protests aren’t everyone singing “Why can we be friends”. Most of these people were teenagers and people my age! Reminds me of the anti-Vietnam college protests.

I don’t see Trump’s rational behind this move unless he wants the chaos. Anyone could see the drama and violence that would unfold but also it was voted on by congress in 1995. My belief is he did it to strengthen our ties with Israel. We already give them billions in aid but with them becoming closer with a few Arab neighbors and this proxy war in Syria between them and Iran, are we trying to secretly get involved in more Middle East “wars” like Syria. We could allow Israel to do our dirty work in Syria and in the end we get a part of the gold aka access to the oil, the white mans gold.

Maybe I’ve seen too many James Bond films but seriously this conflict is just such a hot button. If you’re pro-Israel people call you Islamophobic, if you’re pro-Palestine people call you anti-Semitic. You can’t WIN! Honestly I’m team human life. Lets stop the killing over a decision made decades ago. Both sides have valid arguments but when is enough enough? After everyone is dead will one side be happy?

For a while both sides of American politics have been pro-Israel. But anyone on social media can tell you that’s changing. More people my age are supporting Palestine and that is changing within the democratic party as well. I feel like for years being pro-Palestine was considered controversial. But with social media showing us whats going on over there, its becoming hard to ignore the problem.

I pray both sides will end the political pettiness and make a peace deal already. If Trump gets North and South Korea to unify maybe he can fix Palestine and Israel as well. Sounds like a joke but in this post-Trump win world, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Xoxo send me pics of your Gaza Strip

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