Papi’s Binge of the Month: Fox’s 911

Okay Ryan Murphy legit is the TV God, every show he touches is gold. From “Nip Tuck” to “American Horror Story” home boy knows how to make a hit. His newest creation is 911, and honestly its AMAZING. He makes being a First Responder look so sexy! From the premise to the cast everything about this show is dope.

Each episode I am honestly on the edge of my seat, craving a Xanax to lower my blood pressure. Legit the first episode a young teenage girl deadass flushed a baby down the toilet like WTF. I seriously was going to throw up but couldn’t stop looking.

The two main stars are classic Ryan Murphy girlies, Angela Bassett playing Athena and Connie Britton plays Abby. Okay Athena is the definition of a boss bitch like the way she carries herself have all men afraid. She dont put up with ANYONE’s shit, not a criminal or her daughters skank ass bullies.

Abby is just so innocent and pure, her mother is sick so she lives with her and it’s honestly a damper on her sex life till she meets someone and legit it could be my favorite TV couple. Idk why I love them so much maybe it’s because Abby deserves to be happy! Her and her maybe mans is this shows will they won’t they couple and in my opinion they fucking better.

The sexual tension on this show is unreal, it gives me chills. Stopping fires and crimes does NOT prevent them from getting some ass. Buck the main bad boy hottie legit used a fire truck to meet up with a Tinder hook up. Why doesn’t anyone do anything like that for me? Instead they show up in their moms mini van.

My favorite thing is that they dont focus on just one group of first responders, they cover the whole team. Athena is a cop, buck is a fire fighter and Abby is a 911 call operator.

Its like random shit on this show that makes it so good like one character you discover has maddd PTSD from all the trauma and the way you figure it out legit will leave you speechless. What he is going through is protrayed amazingly on tv.

These characters have amazing background stories with depth, one lost his family in a fire, another husband lowkey wants the D and another’s wifey is in jail. It shows real people with real problems!

Okay also I love Abby’s moms nurse she is legit just so dope like I love how they portray her. Carly is just so sweet. She best be in season 2 or imma pop!l You can stream the first season on Hulu and the Fox app!

Xoxo can I hang out in the firehouse?

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