Let’s hear it for the boys(and girls)!


Can we just take a hot min to give a shout out to our boys (& girls) in camo? Despite our personal beliefs on war, we have to at least admit what they are doing over seas is truly remarkable. Soldiers are just doing their job, don’t blame them for their leaders. It makes me sick when people talk down upon veterans and act as if they are idiots for choosing that life. Nah you’re an idiot for dedicating your life to the Kardashians.

They are legit HEROS for putting our country before their own life. They truly have to go through hell and hopefully get back again. Could you imagine my ass in Iraq or Syria? I could NEVER! Honestly I would either die as soon as I got off the plane or I would get kidnapped by ISIS and become a sex slave with Deb.

The issue of veterans shouldn’t be politicized, we should all want only the best for our troops. So for them to give their lives over seas and come back to be treated like shit is horrific. Now it isn’t as bad as it was during Vietnam War when people legit would spit on Veterans but still, we should treat them like royalty.

Screw these egoistic celebrity award shows that are basically the industry giving hand jobs to each others. Instead we should have military awards shows. Most bad ass rescue or hottest solider. Okay maybe that last one could go but hey we need some eye candy!

The reasons why I’m randomly on this rant is because I love me a good war documentary  and after watching “Battle of Chosin” and Ken Burns “The Vietnam War”, I’ve been feeling a type of way! The Battle of Chosin was during the Korean War, a war everyone seems to forget or get mad about(inside joke hee hee).

Our troops were legit surrounded by the Chinese and North Koreans. Legit it was like that scene in “Game of Thrones” where Jon Snow and the North where surrounded by a circle of enemies and somehow by the grace of God or in Jon Snows case, Littlefinger, they were made it out alive.

I legit had a rush of excitement watching how gritty the terrain was but these boys were able to not let the cold and shitty weather bring them down. To watch the interviews of them saying they were preparing themselves to die gave me chills. I could never imagine going over seas and every day wondering is this my last day on earth? Plus I would NEVER be able to not watch my shows! Sadly you can’t watch Bravo or Netflix in Iraq.

But what makes me feel gross is what happens after they return from war. Most suffer from horrible PTSD. Flashbacks of graphic events that doesn’t only effect just them but their family as wells. Wow I’m like a poet or some shit. They not only have physical wounds from war, but mental ones as well. According to a study by the Department of Health, an estimated one in 10 Afghanistan veterans and as many as one in five Iraq War veterans suffer from PTSD.

They believe weed could be an AMAZING and natural way of helping maintain this but lets be realistic, big pharmacy runs our country, they would rather us shove opioids down their throats instead.Just keeping it REAL!

Why are our Veteran hospitals so underfunded? Do we truly not care about the care they get? They literally dedicated their lives for us and we basically spit on them with the care they get. Okay that was really dramatic but the wait time at some VA hospital are longer than a wait time at Disney World. If I was running shit(Daddy4 Prez 2048), I would be throwing money at them, not at the stupid shit our government spends money on.

If we continue with this trend, the numbers of those who enroll will be very low and hopefully not, but a draft could come back. If my ass EVER got drafted I would say I was transgender, cause Trump banned them from service. Like if you wanna serve you should be able to serve. Some say these people are not mentally stable, but its like they’re around thousands of other troops, one goes crazy, I think they can end that real quick…..

If you think they do it for the money you are very wrong. The lowest member of the military,  E1s with less than two years experience earn an annual salary of $19,660. I’m sorry but WHAT, my dealer makes that within a month. How can we expect them to save up and raise a family off that? If I was a hooker that would be the price just to go to dinner with me! After World War II, the reasons why our economy boomed was because of the GI bill. We gave vets money for school and housing to start a family.

The world was legit a better place(besides segregation down south and we even started to boost the middle class! Then the middle classes died due to shitty trade deals that sent all our factory jobs over seas, so yeah America!

But thats a whole other can of worms ill write about in the future. Today we still have the GI bill but like you have to survive to get that. When people say we need free college, it’s like ummm join the military. We live in a capitalistic society, you really think Harvard and Syracuse will lower their tuition to make it free? BOY BYE!

Watch this video below to see how nasty some people are towards the military. This teacher is legit talking shit about people who join the military and called them “Dumb shits” because one of the students was wearing a Marines hoodie because his brother was a Marine.

Seriously fuck that guy. How dare you, A. talk shit about the Marines and B. to do it in front a kid who’s brother is a Marine. Are you that dense? His punishment should be to be dropped off in Syria to fend from himself.

Xoxo hug a Vet but ask first, cuz PTSD

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