Make Memorial Day Black Again!



American history is VERY tricky, we have the truth, and then we have white people’s “alternative facts”. White people have a tendency to rewrite history into their favor. Example, the Civil War, the South decided to legit CHANGE history and argue the war was over state rights, NOT slavery. Ummmm yeah you guys were THAT butt hurt over state rights….Nah y’all were lazy and didn’t want to pick the cotton yourself.

Legit go down south and look at their textbooks, they are legit trying to teach children that slavery was a choice and the slaves LOVED IT! In their eyes, if “” was around, the Greenville Plantation would come HIGHLY recommended.

Another story of “Alternative Facts” is the history of Memorial Day. During 1868, three years after the Civil War, a group of Union Vets started a day to memorialize the graves of fallen Vets with flowers. This day was first celebrated on May 30th, a date set by John A. Logan. The day was allegedly set because its the day the flowers start to bloom in the north, HOW CUTE!

In the South, they claimed the started to celebrate Memorial Day on April 25th, 1866. The United Daughters of the Confederacy, a wack crock group of racist former slave owning thots, began it to celebrate the fallen Confederate soldiers. They are NOT in my history book, they legit are the reason for all these tacky confederate statues. They legit rewrite history to make their grandfathers not look like LOSER ASS BITCHES. EYEROLL

In, 1967 Congress made memorial day a national holiday and since then corporate american milked the day dry. It truly has become another holiday to sell more beer, liquor and hamburgers. Does anyone my age actually take a moment of silence to honors those who have died? Prob not, the only moment of silence they do is for the career of Katy Perry.

Here’s the REAL tale of Memorial Day, the Soul Train version. David W. Blight, a Yale historian traces Memorial Day back to the spring of 1865. Union POW’s were being held captive at an old racecoruse. Hundred’s of the Vets died of diseases and were buried in a mass grave. Black residents being the AMAZING people they are, exhumed the bodies and gave them a proper funeral burial. They even build a fense around the cemetery and made it real nice. To honor the spot, they built an archway that said, “Martyrs of the Race Coruse”.

Over 10,000 black people came together to have a funeral sevice to mourn the soldiers. School children carrying roses sang “The Star-Spangle Banner” and “John Brown’s Body”. Black woman carried baskets of flowers, wreathers and crosses. These people had no responsibility to do this, but wanted to out of respect for the dead veterans. The fact that SOME people want to rewrite this out of history is disgusting. We should be honoring these people instead of deleting them from history. This isn’t a nude, its REAL LIFE! Just because SOME people have racist beliefs and want to downplay the role of black people in American history, doesn’t me the rest of us should follow along.

White people LOVE to steal black people culture (Elvis) and rewrite black people out of history, WELL IM OVER IT! Stop trying to make black people look like the victims, they have a place in American History, STOP trying to dilute that. In 2018 and for the rest of history we need to tell this story! They could have allowed the dead union soldiers to be left in that grave but they decided that they deserved more respect than that. We all should be indebted to them. Research history because what you believe, is most likely a lie.

Xoxo if someone dug me up and gave me a proper funeral y’all best make t-shirts & a lifetime movie of them

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