Back off with your bumpy lip: Y’all need to chill with the STD’s

Being young and a dime piece these days is legit hell. Not only do I have to worry about being sexually harassed( ass grab, jiggle jiggle of my package) everyday, now I have to worry about everyone being dirty as well. I ain’t kissing NO ONE unless I see their papers. Seriously the number of dirty young people is ridiculous. More people have herpes than a 401k.

In Onondaga County alone the number of people with Hep C has already gone up 55% compared to last year. HIV among gay people is up as well, GREAT. I’m abstinent now, bible study dates only for me! I was honestly too grossed out to look at the other rates. Granted a majority of those infected with Hep C got it from needles but still they can spread it to others and so on, it’s like a game of domino but with dirty dick. Can people stop being lazy and just get tested already MY GOD! It’s free so there’s so excuses. I will even bring you, we can get a cold brewski after.

In my opinion, it’s the dudes that are spreading this shit and leaving the girlies to deal with it. They are tramping it up downtown kissing every skank with a pulse. Transferring not only saliva but their dirtiness as well. Stop kissing random people y’all it’s not cute anymore, actually it never was. Buy me chicken wings, NOT a kiss.

Because many don’t show symptoms of having diseases like Hep C and Herpes, they can go legit years without knowing. Like really God? I understand you want us to wait till we’re married aka allowing our balls to shrivel up and fall off. But this is the 21st century, if someone’s dirty at least make it noticeable. It’s sad I have to ask to see someone’s papers before even allowing them to look at me! I am NOT becoming dirty JUST for a summer fling.

Mad sexual dirty boy diseases can be cured so it’s not too late! (If you have Aids however…. good luck?)But you need to get your ass to planned parenthood ASAP before Abuelo Trump defunds it. You do NOT wanna go to Onondaga Health Services in the basement of the Civic Center, its hella scary. It reminds me of a horror film, just WAITING to get stabbed or tortured. I would rather be dirty then go to that place of hell.

Even HIV can be stopped if you get treated in time. You just have to legit go within like 24 hours so RUN don’t walk. If you thought “nah he looked clean I’m good”, spoiler alert he AIN’T, homeboy got the clap and mad other shit lurking around those balls.

Xoxo get checked please, it’s free, unlike dying.

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