“You don’t work fast, you will be gassed”-Bayer DEFF got some skeletons in their closet.

Should a company be held responsible for the actions of a company they brought? HELL YEAH. You want the company, you clean up their mess. Like Honeywell, they bought Solvay Process, who polluted Onondaga Lake, now they get stuck with the clean up bill. Just like Bayer & Monsanto should be held responsible for their past shadiness.

This merger is a $63 billion deal, the largest ever foreign takeover by a German company. After being approved by European and US anti-monopoly authorities, the deal is going through. Not without some scandals thou! Companies as old as they are have some skeletons in their closet. In Bayer’s case they literally have skeletons….. the Jews.

Bayer used to be IG Farben. They held a large investment in Degesch which produced Zyklon B. Zyklon B is NOT a sassy girls band, it is a cyanide based pesticide originally used to disinfect. However, starting in 1942 it was used as a way to mass kill during the holocaust. This is one of the reasons they changed the name after the war. After this merger is complete they plan on using the Bayer name only. So yeah its safe to say they know a thing or two about re-branding.

That isn’t the only time they got their hands dirty during World War II. IG Farben used slave labor in factories to continue manufacturing while the rest of the country was fighting. They built the factories next to different concentration camps. HOW CONVENIENT! Thanks for the short walk to work?

They also purchased prisoners for human experimentation, including a sleep-inducing drug that killed its participants, so spoiler alert, THE DRUG DOESN’T WORK. IG Farben employees said the unofficial company motto was , “If you don’t work faster, you’ll be gassed”, wow I assume that boosted up employee moral….. did they get that on companies T-shirts?

Thank God Germany lost the war so the directors and people behind IG Farben could be held responsible for their actions. LMAO PSYCH! Let’s be realistic, that’s not how the world works, rich people get away with EVERYTHING. Twenty-four directors of IG Farben were indicted during the Nuremberg Trials, only thirteen were sentenced but most were quickly released and became senior industry executives in Germany. So they killed millions and got a promotion? NICE! And we thought that type of corruption was only in America!

But that’s only one story from their shady past. Bayer’s Cutter Laboratories realized that their blood products, Factor VIII and IX or antihemophiliac factor, were contaminated with legit HIV……..are you kidding me. They decided their financial investment in the product was considered too high to destroy the inventory. So instead they misrepresented the truth and sold the HIV filled products to overseas markets in Asia and Latin America without even a fucking label warning people. As a consequence, hemophiliacs who infused the HIV-contaminated Factor VIII and IX tested positive for HIV and developed AIDS. I bet the TV commercial didn’t warn about THAT side effect.

New York Times claim, this was “one of the worst drug-related medical disasters in history”. In 1997, Bayer and the other three makers of such blood products agreed to pay $660 million to settle cases on behalf of more than 6,000 hemophiliacs infected in United States.

Monsanto is also hella shady, but not “killing Jews” shady. They helped develop Agent Orange, a herbicide used during the Vietnam War that has caused lasting effects for over 4 million. But this didn’t only effect Vietnam, during the manufacturing process contaminated many areas causing hundreds to get sick. But Monsanto and dumping toxic waste come hand in hand. They’ve developed and profited off weed killers that have been proven to be extremely damaging to the environment and could possibly cause cancer.

They are mainly known for producing GMO’s which is a whole other can of worms. Some think they are the way to end hungry, others think they are having damaging effects on our body. I don’t know who to believe because we all know papi loves a good conspiracy theory.

Lastly, for a hot min they sue farmers for having seeds of their that they didn’t pay for. Which at first sounds okay but then you realize they were suing farmers who only had that seed on their farm because the wind caused it to travel over to farmers farm. Sorry mother natures a bitch? Don’t sue the hell out of a farmer for that ASSHOLES.

We need to start holding companies responsible for their actions. These pricks only care profit and THEIR short term payout. They don’t give a fuck about the lives they destroy, they only care about getting that raise for THEMSELVES. The fact that CEO’s make millions legit confuses me. WTF do these useless pricks actually do? Look at Sears, JC Pennys and Toys R Us, stupidity at the top ruined it for everyone else. Well lock these bitches up and NOT give them a slap like Bayer got after they LEGIT HELPED KILL JEWS.

Xoxo when you hear Bayer, think of the holocaust!

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