Im UPSET, Old Degrassi isn’t on Netflix

I was trying to figure out a new article topic when Drake’s new music video for “Im Upset” was trending on Twitter. God always be giving me inspiration. I decided to check it out and boy did I go down memory line.

Drake used to play Jimmy Brooks, on “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. So naturally his new music video is legit a high school reunion with the whole cast. I honestly felt like I was looking back at my childhood, expect everyones old as fuck now.

Some boys grow up watching sports, I grew up watching “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. It honestly explains a lot of my personality. I was so obsessed with this show I convinced my parents to buy me this book about it. I brought that book everywhere till my rude ass teacher took it away. She found the pages about condoms and who on the show had an STD, “inappropriate”. Mind you this was 6th grade, I was pretty risqué. My teacher took it hella quick and called my parents, snitch. They watched like three episodes and freaked out. Parental block was installed, but daddy too smart for that. The password was their anniversary, grow up. Try harder.

Basically for all you non-Canadians/digital cable bitches, Degrassi was an Canadian show that was about the struggles of teen life. This show covered it all, from drugs, sex, STD’s and even school shootings. The school shooting episode involved Jimmy aka Drake the rapper. This episode legit gave me chills I could not believe how intense it was. All because someone got mustard and feathers dumped on them. So childish.

Y’all thought “13 Reasons Why” was cray, girl you haven’t lived through Ashley getting her ass whoop by her boyfriend. Or when Emma went from nature freak, to blow job freak and got chlamydia from it. And my personal favorite, when Manny wore a thong to school. SO GEEKED! Yeah this show WENT THERE, ha ha get it, that was their slogan.

As soon as “The N” which became “TeenNick” started to air Degrassi, I truly fell in love. From the characters to the overly dramatic story lines, this show had something for everyone. You like dick? There’s Marco! You a thot? There’s Manny! You a druggy musician who also got Manny pregnant so she had to get an abortion? There’s Craig!

This show was amazing because it legit showed us the effects of our actions. We can’t go through life thinking we can cum all over the school and no ones gonna get knocked up. Degrassi had MADDD babies! From Liberty, to the new thots at the school which I forgot all their names. Yeah they were that irreverent in the last few seasons.

Sadly, TeenNick canceled the show I’m assuming because that pedo Dan Schneider didn’t make it. Netflix brought it back but it isn’t the same. This time they should of made it a sex up, hella intense/dark show, like Riverdale. But instead they made it corny.

Legit I understand this happens but one of the storylines was about a boy ISIS was trying to recruit. LIKE WTF! Really? So extra. Not needed. A new season hasn’t come out yet and I haven’t heard any news on it yet. I hope they just reboot the whole show, start new. Legit out of all the new kids, not one of them stand out. To be honest, they were all fucking annoying. Get rid of them and in the meantime put the old ones on Netflix! Quick playing games it’s so extra.

Xoxo I wish my high school was that dramatic, minus the school shootings obvs

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