I know I’m cute, but WHY are you recording me taking a dump?


Lets all discuss something we’ve all have known, MOST men are creeps. Titties and ass no longer do it for these pervs. Watching people take a shit is a new turn on I guess….. no this isn’t fake news. Sadly this shit, is real life, lol shit PUNNY! My first occurrence with dudes being creeps was well watching Law & Order: SVU. On one of the episodes, a girl is taking a dump and notices something when she stands up, a fucking camera.

Yeah some sick fuck was recording her while taking a her me time. Now this is a show so naturally you assume its fake. Then you Google it and realize how bad the problem is. In America it’s slowly rising, in South Korea however, the problem is so bad all cell phones have to be made with the camera shutter sound always on. The problem is that bad they had to go out of their way to make a law to “TRY” and stop this sickness. Do the lords work and castrate them.

Dudes only think with their dicks, they ALWAYS find a way around roadblocks. One of these pervs created a new hack to make the shutter sound go away. USE YOUR BRAINS TO END CANCER, NOT GET COOTER SHOTS. What turns someone on about watching someone take a tampon out or wipe their ass. Are y’all really that sick in the head? Did your mum not hug you? I seriously DON’T GET IT! I always take a quick look when I take a dump, deadass facts.  I am NOT ending up on Pornhub because SOMEONES dad hid a camera at Home Depot. I TRY and not go to the bathroom in public, but y’all how those Iced Coffees sneak up on you!

A pastor at a mega church in South Korea with over 100,000 member was caught filming up a woman shirt. A 31 year old doctor was jailed for filming patients and nurses while they were in the changing rooms. Is everyone Korea doing this shit? The head coach of the South Korean national swimming team resigned after it was revealed that him and two male swimmers were hiding cameras in the woman’s locker room. WTF dudes here play fortnite as a group, not conspiring together to legit be a punch of pervs. Well ill take that back, some of these dudes here DO conspire together to be creeps but mostly rapists.

So if you do have to take a number 2 or hell even a number 1, here are MY tips. First, walk in with your flash on. Shine that shit EVERYWHERE! Toilet, walls and even the ceilings. The number one spot to hide a camera is the air vent, so check that shit! Take it off the damn wall if you have too! Yes this takes about 10 minutes, but your shit can wait. Next check the wall for cracks or tiny holes. Mad creeps are like Norman Bates, hiding behind the wall, jacking off to a girlie cleaning her vag with a wet wipe.

Next, when you do take your dump. Honestly turn off the lights. See how it is to wipe your ass like Helen Keller. Yeah you might get some poopie on your hand but thats way better then Creepy Carl watching you check out that pimple on your junk. Honestly avoid bathrooms all together at this point. From this bullshit to new laws allowing ANYONE to enter what ever they bathroom they want. Y’all really doing the most to prevent my shits.  IDC if you’re trans, go to the bathroom you identify as, but this is a prime explain of people taking advantage of our legal system. Yes a trans person will be able to use the bathroom they want, but that also could allow old man Steve to go in the girls room and when he gets called out he could say, “Nah in my mind I got a pussy”.

Now y’all prob thinking, daddy this doesn’t happen in America! Only in  “shit hole” countries as Trump would say.  Oh you young and naive girl, America is home of the creeps lets be real!  A Manhattan gym and SWIM teacher, Johnny Tang was catch propping his cellphone up in an open locker to record teachers and students taking a shit. WTF is wrong with you. A female teacher noticed what was going on and legit had to watch a video of her “performing feminine hygiene” I WOULD HONESTLY GAG. He also had footage of a female student as well. But he claimed naturally it was “all a mistake” and deleted the tape. HELL NO! You dont “accidently” hide a camera phone and place it on record. My hair cut my make me look dumb but trust me, I AINT! I’m one of the smartest people I know.

So this sicko who makes $90,500 a year was ONLY chagned with misconduct and NOT fired. Why? Because the footage was deleted so it was hard to “prove”. HELL NO! You know damn well if you gave that phone to someone in IT they could find it. Once again the teachers union protected a SICKO! Lock his gross ass up and throw away the key. His ass should honestly be destoryed by big tony. You wanna watch girls take a shit? Big Tony will make sure you’ll never enjoy the pleasuse of sitting down without feeling the pain of his dick up your ass.

So the moral of this story is, take a shit at home. Yes you may get a UTI but thats less painful then old dudes watching you conduct business in our natural offices. A shit is meant to be OUR time, to reflect on our day and what we could of changed. I seriously write a majority of my article on the toilet. So yeah this REALLY hits close to home. Go wack off and leave us hotties ALONE!

Xoxo next time you shit, make sure you’re camera ready


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      1. Is that where you get your opinions? Let me guess, MSNBC, CNN, and Huff post? Oh and how could I forget the almighty Buzzfeed?


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