Okay the movie Pearl Harbor makes war look so sexy, sign me up?

I FINALLY convinced my baby girl to watch one of my favorite movies, “Pearl Harbor”. Every time I tried to get her to watch it she would sigh and say she would rather eat ass. That statement was a jab in my heart, this movie is one of my favorites and honestly I have no clue why. It’s an OKAY movie but something about it gets me in my feels.

From the love story to the battle scenes and even amazing theme music, this movie got it all. This movie is very relevant to today’s news because after this attack our government started a system of placing Japanese people in “internment camps”, cough cough our border crisis right now.

A quick recap for all those who haven’t seen it before. But please watch it if you haven’t seen it!!! *SPOILERS*

Basically two besties from birth, Rafe, played by Ben Affleck and Danny played by Josh Hartnett are pilots preparing for war. Rafe signs up to help England win the war because America wasn’t involved at this point.

However, before he left God was a silly boy and had him fall in love with a Nurse. Legit that would be the story of my life, finally meet someone you like and you get shipped off to war, um thanks? So they have a romantic love story and it’s okay I guess. But then tragedy strikes and he dies! It was sad but Rafe is NO Danny, meowwwww sista!

Danny and Rafe’s girlie were mourning and naturally fall in love. Okay I legit loved them together! It was such a cute love story!!!! I truly felt the connection between them. But again God’s a silly boy and PLOT TWIST, Rafe is still alive!!!! He didn’t die! So when he comes back and discovers this new romance, he throws a bitch fit.

But once again, God always be doing the most. First home girl is pregnant, who da father? And Japan started to bomb Pearl Harbor to get back at us for cutting off their oil supply. SO INTENSE! The Japanese scenes are some of my favorites because they show just how isolated Japan felt and how they were desperate to look powerful. What they did was so sneaky and low, so unreal. No wonder we nuked their asses not just once, but twice! An eye for an eye bitches.

So while Rafe, Danny and his boys fight off the Japanese’s, the nurses are trying to save as many lives as they can. One would think this would be where the movie ends but HELL NO, this is Michael Bay, he milks shit dry. This movie is 3 hours long… yeah 3 hours, it on that Titanic grind. The last act involves the US getting revenge on Japan and doing an airstrike in a major Japanese city.

This scene is so bad ass because karma always bites! But because this was in the 1940’s, the planes were basic bitches and could barely get them home. They finally flee away but a shoot out breaks out and, okay I need a moment this part ALWAYS gets me in my feels, fucking Danny dies. Not Rafe, fucking Danny my favorite. I could NOT believe it. They should of kept Rafe dead, I was truly hurt by this. My girlie was deadass crying, it was THAT intense.

Y’all watch this movie not just for the lowkey hot sex scenes, but to understand WTF happened in Pearl Harbor and how this attack flipped America on its head. World War II is legit cray cray, mad shit went down and sadly we only know half the story.

Xoxo Ben Affleck is gross looking now…..barf

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