Why is it easier to get a credit card than it is to become a US citizen?

Okay on a serious note, this immigration crisis at the border is BEYOND depressing. The fact that former Walmart’s are turning into holding cells is just a cruel irony. But what pisses me off is the fact that these have been the conditions for a hot min. The separation of families is only just one problem on a long fucked road to citizenship. It’s easier to screw up your credit for life by signing up for a credit card than it is to become a 4th of July baby.

Trump has recently passed an executive order to stop the separation of families but that’s just a band aid on a bullet hole. He was right when he said congress needs to pass legislation that will be an overhaul of our immigration system, the whole thing is a mess! These people, yes people even thou they are illegal are coming over here illegally because it takes soooo long to become a citizen. Why take a long ass possibly up to 10 years path when you can just sneak over and take the short path. My ass would DEFF take the short path, I would need to start working ASAP rocky.

Basically the way I understand it, you have to apply to get a green card first, and after staying here for 5 years you can apply to be a citizen. Again I read like 5 websites on this and it was confusing! Also it can be hella costly! Most immigration lawyers charge between $5,000 to $7,500 to help a immigrant go through the green card process. But that’s just for one person if you want to add on family members that increases the cost.

These people who are here illegally are already here. If they are working and have jobs, stop be a dick and just help them become a citizen already. Screw all this paper work and make an app! Almost everyone has smartphones, even in developing nations. If we allow them to at least start the process that way we could make it so much quicker. Plus, it could break down the translation barrier because the app could translate any language!

You could also add video chat so they could video chat with someone if they can’t travel to a immigration center. This could legit make the process so much quicker and maybe even fun! They would obvs still have to go in somewhere to finish the process but still they could take away like 90% of the extra work.

Omg the app could also have like games and flash cards to teach English and US history and facts. Okay someone make this damn thing already this could be lit! No longer would be have to round people up, instead we could HELP them become a citizen and add them to the tax roll. Rounding them up like cattle is just a waste of money. The bad people, yeah get them the hell out of here, but the families, no that’s so fucked.

Lastly why don’t they make centers at the borders so people who would illegally cross the border can go there and start the process to become a citizen. We could even have like beds and a McDonald’s in there. But NO caged fences, nasty green mats and cement floors, wtf is this a creeps basement? This crisis is happening because we make it hard to become a citizen. I get we need to weed out the bad people but come on y’all are making it harder for everyone else.

Xoxo everyone’s welcomed to America! Expect pedos, rapists, vapers and murders

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