The Return of the non-shady democrats

Tuesday, June 26th 2018 will forever go down in history as the day America stood up to the morally corrupt establishment democrats. These phony ass losers didn’t learn their lesson in 2016. Instead of using the Clinton loss as a teaching moment, they went full on psycho by backing, in my opinion, political puppets for big business. Why do we allow these people to be in office for so long! Kick their asses out after 5 years, these freeloaders are doing NOTHING for America and treat Washington like a country club.

Example, old useless piece of shit Joseph Crowley, who has been a “career politician” since 1987, yeah ’87!!! Can you say over stayed his welcome? First he was a assembly member, then a US Representative. This waste of space has been doing NOTHING for his district but for some BIZARRE reason the democrats keep on supporting him. He is one of the highest ranking Democrats and some have even said he could replace Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house, WELL NOT ANYMORE!

He was defeated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28 year old who was legit a bartender last year, stories like this are my favorite. The little people taking down those at the top, despite all the odds.  Its honestly like a rag to riches story expect she wont get rich because unlike most in Washington I don’t believe she would sell her soul to the devil, big business. Whats crazy is legit all the who’s who in New York politics were supporting Crowley, including the biggest prick Cuomo the political homo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Hillary 2.0 and Chuck “I cry more than I pass bills” Schumer. If anyone can name one thing those puppets have done to actually bring change to America ill eat crow. All three of them need to go, they have overstayed their welcome, there’s the door.

My favorite because she a BOSS bitch, but also because it is close to home, was the race between Dana Balter versus Juanita Perez Williams, the definition of  a back stabber. I wrote about this story a couple months ago but basically, Dana won the local democratic nomination to go against John “I’m afraid of my constituents” Katko, our congressmen that basically goes into hiding till election time. Dana won, Juanita congratulated her and even donated money to her campaign, in a true Judas move, Juanita announced she was running against Dana, forcing another primary. LIKE WTF. She only did it because the DCCC threw mad money her way like some type of stripper. So instead of backing Dana they backed Juanita and caused MAD drama.

The DCCC thought they could get their dirty little hands in OUR election but Dana’s team worked like Kris Jenner and had other plans. Legit so many people came together to get out the vote for Dana, even my lazy ass was out in East Syracuse handing out flyers going door to door, in legit 80 degree weather. I swear by the end, I sweat away at least 30 pounds and grew 4 bunions. Talking to the people and hearing different families stories truly made it so worth it. So many people were nice and one even offered me some Iced cold lemonade, but he lowkey gave me the creeps so I rejected that Bill Cosby drink real quick!

Yes I ended the day tired as fuck but it was so worth it! Not only did Dana win, but I got an AMAZING tan! I’m just waiting for someone to ask me if I’m an illegal immigrant, I’m THAT tan! America needs to keep this momentum going! Stop paying attention to the candidates that DCCC and the DNC shove down our throats. Those are the people we want OUT of office, Mainstream democrats don’t want actually change, they wanna make sure their LOSER friends still have jobs, well not on MY watch.

Xoxo this is the democrats eviction notice

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