Fuck your co-pay Doc


I am beyond DONE with this co-pay BULLSHIT! For years I was receiving AMAZING healthcare with NO co-pay at all. Now I gotta go broke just to find out if I’m sick? It’s sad I have to choose between getting a crunch wrap supreme at Taco Bell or not dying. Like I love my Doctor but I feel she a hooker, I gotta pay her every time I come thru. Whats next, I gotta pay for her Uber?

My doctor and I have an mental and personal connection ever since I thought I had an STD and she low-key knew I didn’t but wanted to scare me. Realistically it was eczema, and trust me….I was scared. I had the itches! Daddy thought it was crabs! Those little critters can jump box to box quicker than Mario. She referred me to the dermatologist, aka the mother of all co-pay. These blood suckers told me my co-pay was $75 dollars. I truly gagged on the phone. I go nah I’m good I’ll get some Gold Bond Eczema Relief cream, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Since like maybe 5 years ago, I don’t remember because I never get sick (due to my diet of green tea/honey & that good good), I now have to pay $25 dollar for EVER doctor visit, even if the doctor determines I’m not sick, its just all in my head for attention. For the eye doctor its $15 for a normal eye check up and $60 for a contacts check up.

Excuse me, I would rather be blind. Are these contacts made of fucking gold? That doesn’t even cover the cost of contacts. I’m making my OWN coffee because the healthcare system continues to butt fuck my bank account. At the dentist there is no co-pay but I suspect they will change that soon. So imma knock on wood because pearly, straight, white teeth are the only REAL way into a mans heart, unless he’s British.

I’m not sure exactly when this changed but part of me feels like it has something to do with Obamacare, not to sound like a down south “Damn Obama fucked up America” person. Is my co-pays covering other peoples free insurance? If thats the case, I’m fine with that, rape me to help others, WHATEVER. But most likely this money is being used to make the rich even richer.

How the fuck are those at the top of the insurance community becoming millionaires by helping others die? That makes zero sense to me. In order to make themselves rich, they are taking that money away from someone else, AKA ME. The worse part is I never even get sick so I never go to the doctors, I should get like a tax refund from Blue Cross, Blue Shield. That name is so extra, can they chill.

In England 93.4% of patients were seen within 4 hours, America its about 95% every 3 hours. That may sound good but in reality, England thats 4 hours is checking in, seeing the nurse, then doctor then getting treated and discharged. In America that 3 hours is just to check in and seeing the nurse. The rest of the time you’re chatting with the gang member bleeding out next to you.

America’s healthcare system has become a billion dollar industry. Each patient that comes thru the door is seen as a customer. The more random treatments and test they give us, the more money they make. My ER co-pay is $200 dollars and to ride the ambulance its $350. Aka my ass is taking a Uber! I’m royalty but I’m not $350 dollars for an ambulance ride royalty.

In Canada the administration cost of their national healthcare system was around 12 percent in 2011 and is even lower today but it was mad extra to find exact numbers, conspiracy? Meanwhile in America its at 27 percent and rises every year. Lets be realistic that money isn’t going to give nurses a pay raise. Its to make the hospital CEO and senior staff hella rich of those barely scraping by.

I truly believe healthcare is a basic HUMAN right. If I have to pay more in taxes so little Johnny can get free cancer treatment than SO BE IT! But I aint paying for Mr. Rich Bitch who runs Humana to get a new yacht. The fact that some people think young people should die because their parents can’t afford health insurance is CRUEL! Hell is your future home.

Obamacare didn’t work because not everyone had it so the health insurance companies were able to literally rape us by increasing your rates. My girl Miss Alexis had Obamacare since the start. Her original payments were $20 a month, now its up to $112 a month. Girl for that much a month I’ll be your doctor.

Its not like she out here making 80k either, being a stripper in Syracuse barely keeps the lights on. There needs to be a single-payer system were everyone pays the same amount in taxes and thats our health insurance. No more Blue Cross Blue Shield bullshit, instead one insurance for all. Stop making things so extra.

Rumors and LIES would have us believe this would make waiting for a doctor much longer or nurses and doctors would take a pay decrease , legit FAKE NEWS. Thats all bullshit spread around like hep C by the health insurance top brass. They are the only ones who would be hurt by this and I say KARMA! You truly thought we would sit by and watch you bleed us dry? Girl bye, not with daddy on the case.

Xoxo whats next the lollipops are billed to you too?

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