Nursing homes are hell on earth


I am BEYOND done with seeing how shitty nursing homes are in the news. Every week I swear we hear about another piece of shit nursing home being shut down or investigated. Do y’all have no shame? Would you want your mum or papa to be left in their own shit all day? Or thrown into their beds like a piece of trash. Even on my parents worst days like when they don’t compliment me as soon as they see me, I would NEVER subject them to those conditions. I understand its expensive to pay for a very nice and legit nursing home but still these places should have SOME decency. Grandma first, new Gucci purse second.

During my younger/more innocent time (pre-braces), my Grandmother and great aunt were in and out of a lot of nursing homes.This was before they all died, everyone I love dies, I think my mom stole my real dad from a witch. I’ve seen a few good ones and then I saw the WORST one ever, Rosewood in Syracuse. This place was so bad the state had to eventually shut it down, THANK GOD! Seriously this place made the mall look clean.

At the front doors you were greeted by old people smoking cigs next to their oxygen tanks, just waiting to explode like a Michael Bay movie. But that smell will feel like a Yankee Candle compared to how the inside smelt, legit the fragrance of piss and day old shits. My great aunt looked and smelt like she hasn’t been bathe in days and all the nurses there did was give me dirty ass looks. I was about to say either sponge bath her or square up girl. I kid you not as soon as we went in there and saw how gross it was my mother called her cousin to get my aunt ass out. I told her, if you don’t slap her daughter for this, I will.

Since then I have nursing home PTSD, I get whiffs of that gross ass smell. The problem with nursing homes is the people at the top only care about profit. They will cut what ever part of the budget they want, no matter how important, in order to stuff their pockets. The average CNA is paid 11.35 an hour, legit a dollar more than working at McDonalds. How disgusting is that.

These elders are getting the treatment the CNA are being paid for. They are people’s PARENTS, we should be giving them the best care possible. Nursing homes should be non-profit. All the money going in should be used to make the nursing home clean and efficient as possible. Left over moneys should be giving back to the WORKERS, not the lazy ass people in the corporate offices doing lines of coke.

A prime example of this Onondaga Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing, in Minoa. According to this dump is owned by Centers Health Care, a New York City based company that owns 53 nursing homes. These pricks arent even here to run the place, they are paying someone to come in temporary till they find someone locally, yeah OKAY! They are being fined by the State because they ran this place like the joke it was. They had one to two aids to care for 35 to 40 residents ARE YOU KIDDING ME. That has to be a joke. Were they supplying the CNA’s with Adderall?

Some residents where giving medication late or not at all. Others didn’t even get lunch till late in the afternoon because there wasnt enough staff to deliver it. I seriously cannot believe people treat our golden girls seniors like this. I wish a bitch would try to do that shit to Sophia, she would whoop some ass. Seven resident got bed sores that were left untreated. This shit makes me tear up!! How could people be so cold hearted? Did your grandma not hug you growing up?

The cost of nursing homes are so high the average is $253 a day or $7,698 a month. You can get assistant from Medicaid but that requires them depleting all your assets first. Meaning your family house or cars, everything has to be sold off first. After that lets be for real, they aint putting you in the nice nursing homes with the rec center and pool. They are putting you in dumps like Rosewood, before it got shut down from the State. Japan treats their elderly like royalty and even have a national day for them. Wheres our grandma and grandpapa day?

Xoxo my mom better say YASSS bitch you look fire to me EVERYDAY or her ass is going to Rosewood, test me

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