The religious nuts behind prohibition were pricks! We can thank them for income taxes.

Prohibition is a prime example of religious freaks attempting to ruin everyone else’s fun. Just because you basically eat God’s ass doesn’t mean we have to as well. Jesus turned water into wine, sooo is he banned from getting lit too? Nah. Prohibition, for all you non-history lovers, was a time in American’s history were our government banned the sale and production of alcohol. Talk about a boring ass time! How did they NOT go to family parties trash? I could NEVER. All those stupid ass question your aunts ask require you to be lit.

I watched this AMAZING Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition and it was deja Vu to our struggles with legalizing weed. Boring ass people always be cock blocking the fun. Prohibition was between 1920 and 1933, so 13 years of misery, unless you were rich or a politician. Those shady crooks allowed this to pass because they became rich off it. Judges were bribed off, prosecutors dropped charges for a case of rum and the mobsters became hella rich. Banning shit only pops up a new business for mob. This legit made our nation a nation of hypocrites. Are we shocked lol. They preached, don’t break the law by drinking, while secretly they were getting shit faced at home. American politics has and always will be a joke. Money controls the world.

The people behind this ban were the ANNOYING, knock off Roman Catholics, the Protestants. They claim they wanted it banned because husbands were coming home trash everyday and spending all the family money on booze. Which sounds great at first but trust me that doesn’t work. I’ve tried to hide all my girlies bottles of Tito’s but they always find more!This is exactly what happened in America. People started to create and make their own liquor which mostly consisted of paint thinner and grapes, yum?

All this ban did was force people to make their own stuff and hope they got drunk and not die. This is exactly what’s going on in America with ban of weed. We are forcing people to trust that their dealer isn’t lacing that shit with crack or PCP. Thank god my dealer treats me like royality and would NEVER betray my trust. And if you’re like well maybe they shouldn’t smoke, well maybe you shouldn’t be so ugly. Everyone gets high, deal with it. I’ve smoked with mad moms, probably yours too.

What pisses me off the most about prohibition was the fact that in order to pass it they created the federal income tax program. Our government was making so much off the taxing and importing of Alcohol. The Protestants knew Washington would never allow them to end that gravy income train so they had to come up with another way. Thus the shitty income taxes came about and forever screwed us over. Deadass I lose about $400 dollars every paycheck, that money could go to my child, TT or my fur coat collection. That’s OUR money, not the greedy government. What’s even crazier is when we finally got rid of this shitty law, they kept the income tax, LIKE GREEDY MUCH?

Most of the people behind this down the line were revealed to be pieces of shit. Example, the Bishop of the Protestant Church. He was cheating on his wife with madddd thots. I am NOT shocked. Any one super religious is hiding something, I don’t trust ANY of them. Pauline Sabin cock blocked any attempt to repeal the law by spreading lies about a politician running against Hoover for president. It was later revealed she only did it to become Attorney general. Which of course they lied to her and she never got it. So she got revenge and made it her mission to end that shit.

My favorite person of this documentary was Lois Lane(not Superman’s girl) also know as lipstick. She was a New Yorker reporter who would report on the night life of the speakeasies. She was legit the Og nightlife thot. Out till 5 am, strolling into work the next day at 8 am with the same dress on. So bad ass! I could see one of my girlies playing her in a movie, sadly they all too ugly so we would have to use CGI.

Our government has to stop trying to control people’s morals. If people wanna drink they gonna drink. If they wanna get high they gonna get high. But most importantly if they don’t want to be pregnant they gonna get an abortion. So I’m speaking to you in the GOP, HANDS off our lives. Y’all always be doing the most!

Xoxo hi can get a vodka soda with paint thinner?

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