I can get a handy cheaper than a drink: My time seeing Baby Girl Janet Jackson at the Lakeview Amphitheater


Yesterday God truly blessed TT and I with a concert by the Queen of pop, Miss Janet Jackson. I have been a member of Rhythm Nation since I first saw “Poetic Justice” years ago. The world does NOT give Janet the credit she deserves. She is 51 on stage, a year after giving birth and STILL giving a performance not even these young ass performers can do. Janet is flawless with her moves and her outfits. I know Michael is in heaven looking down saying, “GURRRRL, I see you”. Her songs are as timeless as her pony tail.

When I saw she was coming to the Lakeview Amp, I seriously gasped. The Lakeview Amp is honestly the only good thing dumbass Cuomo has done. It’s actually called the St. Joseph Health blah blah blah but I REFUSE to call it that. How does a hospital have money to buy a amphitheater name rights but then has the nerve to charge me a co-pay, girl bye. Before, the plot of land it sits on was a toxic waste dump, all nasty and gross.

What made this even more annoying is how dope the views are at this place. A view of the whole city, it was truly tragic. Until they forced Honeywell to clean up the site and they built an amphitheater on the spot with walking trails all around it, honestly its lit. This project cost over $50 million and people threw bitch fits. Saying its a waste of tax payers money, blah blah, bah humbug. I always said it was a smart decision. And like always papi was right! Mad business and tax revenue have come in because of this place! The acoustic sound great and the view is to die for, beat that Saratoga performing arts center.

TT and my tickets were only $28 dollars and that was for seats too. However, we were raped by the processing fees. Like can Ticketmaster go fuck off. Talk about a monopoly, they’re the only place you can get tickets from!! At first I was worried the concert was going to be canceled due to low ticket sales. Lawn seats which are the best seats were originally $20 but the day of the concert they shot up to $30, but seats in the back like ours were only $28. Soooo they were deff trying to fill seats, but when I got there it was hella packed, paid actors? The lawn seats are honestly the best because thats were all the fun, poor people like us hang. People share the booze they hid in their boobs, blunts and cigs. I don’t accept any of 3 because boob sweat liquor is nasty, hep c going around and cigs are for scum.

TT and I made friends with these bomb ass mom babes, they were truly independent chicas. They took us under their wings and protected us from those who were trying to prey aka the Molly dealers. To say we got thing lit with the PTO moms would be an understatement. However, everything wasn’t so rosy. The cost of drinks there was a joke!! Two vodka soda doubles, $36 dollars!!! Are you kidding me, legit more than one ticket! Is National Grid behind these prices? Is the profits going to charity? I was honestly jaw dropped. And the fact that no one there was nice enough to buy us drinks just proved that chivalry was dead. Thank god I had some things hidden where the sun don’t shine, my socks.

Xoxo Janet better preform at my funeral

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